What’s everyone’s take on converted D9?

Just thinking about it because some fancy broker boy was trying to toss some my way for $1,000/Kilo.

Now I do not at all want his by any means, but what’s everyone’s take?

I’ve been looking to get converted liters for compliant gummies, but I’d probably dab it or make myself carts from it too.

How safe does everyone think it is and does it actually “hit” the same as regular D9? Otherwise I just won’t smoke it myself

Thanks for any insight I’m no chemist


Oregon banned synthetic goops. They are probably right in doing so…lots of isomers show up that otherwise wouldn’t.


It’s just weird you’d think if it was both 90% jt would be the same regardless right ?

But I don’t extract

I am a little confused as well, I have had multiple suppliers come in with different stories. Some saying its the “cleanest” because its isomerizing D9, other coming out with D9 “net weight” edibles. I am assuming these are 2 different things, but like you I am no chemist. Does anyone have any clue what I am looking at?


natural disty has only natural phytochems, isomerized noids contain side products some of which are unknown and therefore untested and which differ based on the isomerization


My thoughts on the subject are that no one has died yet from scam d8 slop so thats food for thought

I also think smoking conversion goop and eating are different maybe smoking is more dangerous?

Either way it is goop and the unknowns are sketchy


I’ve just heard it doesn’t smoke as well as regular D9. Which doesn’t make sense besides residuals if they’re both 90% D9 right

I just wanna know why if I dab it side by side people say it’s not as good or there’s something “off” maybe adding cbd would fix that.

But for edibles I mean it shouldn’t be a problem, was just curious cause it would be convenient to be able to smoke it myself since I’d have it lol

But by the “nononononononono” should I not ?

@Killa12345 didn’t you just mention trying some converted d9.

Whatchu think about it? You probably smoke more d9 disty than any of us lol


the trick is what the other 10% is. different chemicals have different taste thresholds much less irratation ones…

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So far I’m really impressed with the quality. It wasn’t really to smoke but to eat but it was really high in potency. I sent it to pro verde for a second opinion cause on the Sri is was showing a bit lower than than the coa.

The coa came back great for the money. It’s the lowest price per mg I’ve paid for d9.

The negatives are is oxidizes stupid fast compared to a normal distillation. The smell wasn’t perfect but not bad either. I’m just use to a different smell from pure d9 from weed.

Would I buy it again. 100%.


Here’s an episode in support of the minors. Derived DO fascinates me from a regulatory/access perspective.



Eat it, don’t smoke it.


I actually heard recently from someone much smarter than myself that eating these converted noids maybe worse than vaping them.

But IDR who maybe it’ll hit me soon and I’ll tag em


Did you dab or disty blunt it? I just be making my own carts and caps for personals but I’m mainly smoking my cart nowadays.

Well shit

Put it in the south mouth. Boof or bust baby! :sunglasses:


Interesting subject for sure

Something to consider also is nano / homogenization with lecithin to bypass the liver and go straight into the blood. Who knows what else is bypassing with it


I’ve heard this recently as well from someone smarter than me too.


Exo-thc is the main byproduct produced with triisobutylaluminum

Anyone seen any data on the toxicity of Exo?

Its not really studied from what Ive seen


if that was the case, wouldn’t there be reports of toxicity from the chemical poop soup that is marinol?