What’s a good solvent that has a high affinity for fats and low affinity for cannabinoids and terpenes but……

like the title says. i’m looking for a solvent that has a high affinity towards fats and lipids and low affinity towards cannabinoids and terpenes. The main thing is for a solvent that isn’t miscible in n-butane, propane, or iso-butane


I’m not certain there is one. In fact the alkanes have the most tendency in this direction.


You’re trying to extract fats and lipids by themselves?

Clarify the goal

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I’d bet he’s trying to extract the impurities first and then go after the goods on the second extraction.

It’s a common approach in some other industries.


I get that but the goodies and non goodies here have some sort of bond. (Fats etc and cannabinoids)


@moveweight sorry for not clarifying but my goal is to recover majority of my solvent dump into another vessel that has the solvent that likes fats and lipids let them mix and separate into two layers and recover both into separate mason jars

try temperature (cold, hydrocarbons)


I have this sop for sale


@downtheterphole i know how to dewax by dropping temp. right now i am working on replicating @Waxplug1 method for dewaxing and i am having great results so far. this got me thinking about another way to skin a cat and i feel like using two solvents that are not miscible could have pretty solid results in a closed loop system. the main thing would be is having the secondary solvent somewhere further down the line after the honey pot, so that way you can recover majority of your solvent before mixing them together and siphoning them off into two mason jars

@TRIPPIE do you have any hints on a secondary solvent that’ll get these results and is your sop for a closed loop system l

What if I told you, you don’t even have to filter the fats out, just good Ole LLE


I mean this is essentially what winterization does, no? Keep in mind whatever solvent you add you have to remove later, which might evaporate some of your precious terpenes.

You could try methanol/butane, since they are immiscible. But I have a feeling you’d move your cannabinoids + polar lipids (phospholipids) into the methanol layer, and leave your terpenes and non polar waxes in the butane layer. Plus it must be hard to do an LLE with butane as one of the layers. Also every solubility coefficient is temperature dependent.

You can use this solubility table and follow the chart for pentane, since it’s the closest thing to butane isomers/propane.

I’ve done butane and methanol it’s got its benefits (cold) but it’s not necessary unless you want thca or cbda.

Anyone know what was going on in the précision extraction l-sep process?

Apparently they were adding something to room temp solution that would crash out the fat

it’s wook magic but straight methanol will get you 90% of the way there

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Could probably rig this up with subcritical CO2, or ethane, or iso-propane or something weird like that.

It’s likely gonna involve a bunch of pressure with a very low BP alkane from what I can surmise from my limited chemistry knowledge.

inline defatting really doesn’t need to be complexed this much

iso-propane isn’t a thing, just sayin!
unless you meant an isobutane/propane mix
in which case, my bad

I warned you I didn’t know what I was talking about :smile_cat:

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Here’s a basic sop I use to remove fats without filtering

This one is easy…water

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