What ratio of plants to force to pollenate vs plants to impregnate for fem seed production

Title says it all… Im wondering how many female plants should i force to produce pollen vs how many plants I will use to produce seed…

I was thinking like a 8x8 grow tent for pollen to a 20x15 room…




Four tall and vigorous herms strategically placed and a placed ventilator behind them will probablly do the trick.

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Hermie pollinated plants = more hermie seeded bud.

You want secure male only pollen, not hermie pollen.


u have such a small grow space that it would be extremely worth it to acquire cuttings from local medical shops…

or order seeds from somewhere like attitude seeds.com

ill never waste the 3-4 months on growing bag seeds or hermie seeds i accientally made by not catching a male quick enough or hermie making seeds. Its not worth the time to grow more hermies or it turn out just bad tasting and awful buds.

cuttings from a friend/shop, or ordered seeds. Its the only way to go w small grows, where every bud counts


id always buy ordered seeds, then keep it several years by gettin cuttings myself


One should do it. You can take the pollen sacks or a branch and rub them around on the girls to make sure.

Edit: two plus is probably better for redundancy


If you look at Cannarado’s IG page there is some info regarding his approach to making fem seeds. Colloidal silver sprayed to reverse the ladies you want to reverse. Without a direct quote i believe he mentioned the need for more plants to reverse due to that reversed pollen being not as strong, effective, or prevalent as traditional male pollen.


He’s making feminized seed, which is made by stressing female plants into growing pollen sacs, usually with colloidial silver or sts.

And yeah, four or five small pollen donors to one big female is about right for me. I can make about 10 to 15,000 seeds off one plant that way.

ive seen ppl take a male plant and shake it in a trash bag once the pollen opens. Then they would wrap that trash bag over a select branch for couple days then uncover it

just that branch would seed out usually


understand but unless i had some kinda badass special genetics i wouldnt waste my time. leave it to the breeders. dont waste ur only space. pick some badass winners and go for the gold

unless ur seasoned vet and been growing forever and this is the road ur on now. id still buy stuff i know fire


That is my experience, too. It might be one tenth as strong if i had to guess. And somewhat related, freezing it in a kitchen fridge for storage will work, sort of, but it drops the potency by at least another tenfold.

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Yep thats a solid way to go.

I’ve never done that or a whole room.

I’ve had reasonable success just collecting the pollen and being very careful about where I brush it on. Then misting the rest of the plant in an attempt to kill an stray pollen. If you do a low branch and have all you fans off it works well enough. Bags probably safer though

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how do they make feminized seeds these days jw?

If you’re selfing it, you are duplicating the genes you already have. There can be some phenotype variation, but the offspring will be very similar or identical to your original. Maybe some strains take poorly to being selfed and throw undesirable phenos and runts, but that is still how fem seed is made.


Geez at least somebody gets it lol
What’s with these ppl.
I’m doing all smaller plants so was gonna do an 8x8 tent of maybe 40 plants or so to pollinate a room of say 400 plants. But seems like I don’t need close to 40 plants. But I guess I can always harvest the pollen and save till a later date to pollinate another crop

Hermie genes! You have a super great risk of all offspring carrying that hermie trait. I’m no breeder, but that’s no bueno in the breeding world.

Hermies have zero place in my garden. IF a plant even throws 3 fingers in veg l, its killed off. If it tosses a nanner below in flower, its killed.

There is NO room for hermie genetics in this game.

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It’s not a herm prone genetic.
It’s solid proven genetics.
Using a sex reversal spray the plant still holds its stable dna while temporarily becoming stressed turns male traits to pollinate itself.
It does not affect the actual genetics. It’s how feminized seed is made.

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Well then feminized seed wouldn’t exist, if that were true.

The silver stresses the female plant into making pollen sacs, which yes, technically is hermaphrodism I think, but the difference is that the plant has no choice. It works 100% on any plant. Hermie seeds are pollinated by a plant that accidentally hermied from some other sort of stress than silver, so it is a selection of the weakest and thus passes on those weak genes. The difference with feminized seed is that the breeder is picking a strong plant to donate pollen instead of letting nature bully a weak one into herming out.


Autumn ridge :+1:t3:
For all you weed nerds on here sure come on here have a good time do whatever you want but don’t be wasting peoples time when you have no clue what you’re talking about in the first place.

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Feminized seeds is made with sts or colloidal silver. Not hermie pollen.

If you gonna “chuck pollen”, use male pollen, NOT hermie pollen.


You’re the only one that said anything about herm pollen.