What pH is your etoh?

Hey, I’d like to share a little experiment here I did with pH.

Etoh was freshly distilled in a solvent head.I then collected 2ml of sample.

Next three drops of litmus indicator were dropped into the vial. It was then capped and shaken.

The Etoh displayed a low pH.

My findings from this: pH will carry over when refining solvents.
With all this pH talk going around its something to consider.


that pH test solution may not work correctly on ethanol of that purity. I would try diluting that ethanol into distilled water and looking to see if it changes from 7. A cursory google search shows me that ethanol is about neutral pH, leaning towards basic. Here is a link: Ethanol (C2H5OH)

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Retested. 50% etoh and distilled water mixed, litmus indicator added. Ph~6

Dilution of the solution resulted in slightly higher ph. I would wager that the molarity of the solution changed however the same amount of h+ ions are present.