What is your Consultant "Hook"?

Everyone here is a consultant in some regard. This is literally the best place for growers, extractors and cannabis fabricators in the world. In a sea of consultants, what makes you different?

I have 2.

  1. I have a solid background in plant nutrients. I have done all of the grow methods that I could get my hands on over the last 25 years (Hydroponic (DWC/Soilless), organic soil, KNF/JADAM, Biodynamic, indoor/greenhouse/outdoor etc. I have experience with row crop and biostimulants with traditional farms. While I’m definitely not an agronomist, I can solve most problems and have the resources for any question I can’t answer. I can speak to the market share of fertilizer distributors, retail sales and vertical markets you want to get into.

  2. I have put together facilities and my focus is on operations and inputs. Input costs (electricicy, HVAC, labor, fertilizer etc.) can have a lot of hidden costs when you really need to know your cost of goods sold (COGS). It’s important to know that dollar cost when you figure your grams per square foot. There are strategies to expand easily or cut costs for your operation.

What is your consulting “angle”? How do you differentiate yourself when there is serious consulting competition?


I tell people I’m like Mr. Clean, I’m going bald and I’m fantastic at cleaning up other people’s messes.

There’s a whole lot of sub-optimal equipment out there that, for a variety of reasons, is costing your lab money. When isolate was $6k/kg and crude was fetching over $2k/kg this was a lot easier to stomach than it is today with prices where they are now, so I emphasize thermal and process efficiency and speed to keep labor costs down.

My background before being in cannabis full time was large scale industrial work and I’ve worked on some very high visibility/high value projects, so I tend to think in terms of big picture and big production.


My product out of the greenhouse, its an awesome living advertisement. Most clients bought flower from me at some point.


I let my work do the talking, I turn away far more jobs than I except.


My best attribute? Knowing I’m not a consultant, and that I will never be one.

I may have a couple worthwhile tips here and there, but some of you guys are on another level. Thanks to all the people smarter than me who contribute valuable info to this website. I appreciate you all.

Sincerely, your friendly f4200 laymen


I’ve met some “consultants” all right… I bet your a better consultant than some.

If you have smoked weed for more than 20 years, grown it, and sold it. You probably have more experience and knowledge than a majority of these chads.

I also offer a specialized industry service (cleaning). Generally I close larger general consulting contracts off my specialty service.


I point a solid 90% of my requests for consultants back to smart people that hang around this forum

I schemed on some ways to monetize that, but in the end decided just free referrals was the best all around approach


I set myself apart from other consultants because instead of just going over the process of something I am consulting on I go through the science behind what’s happening so my clients are able to feel comfortable saying they have a full understanding of what’s happening and why. This enables them to work around issues without having to call every week and also come up with ways to better what they have learned or optimize it further themselves because they have a full understanding. I also combine my 5 plus years of management experience with my consulting and am able to connect with each individual on a level that makes learning easiest for them. I also individually write my SOPs pertaining to said facility, too many people are selling the same SOP geared to any lab where it’s much easier and a lot more helpful having a SOP that’s based around your facility and known troubled with what I am teaching.


I avoid consultations generally, I know I could offer it to some degree, but it’s just not a game I tend to, namely since I see it as too abstract.

Most of my “consults” are just informing people on proper consumption, safety concerns within the industry, etc.

I generally just say “I specialize in formulations, and have assisted in crop tending/maintenence, scalability, and feasibility. I am an associates of science, with a back ground working amongst clinical chemists, physicists, and various doctors from differing fields.”

I know some, but could always learn more.


I undersell myself so when I underperform there’s less hard feelings.



Let people know I know things, but not overt confidence.

There’s more that I don’t know for sure.


When I used to consult, my only hook was competence - anything else is a gimmick.

Competence includes both the shit you know and your ability to communicate said shit to your client specifically in a way that they identify the key concepts and can make intelligent and rational decisions based upon them.


This is the difference between a consultant that’s worth their weight and consultants that aren’t worth a fuck. Steer clear of anyone claiming to know it all no matter what their hook or claimed experience might be


constantly being able to learn new shit is the most important kind of competence


Thank you for this.

Both of you.

With the market going the way it is, it’s a bit of solice.


“i’m out of stock on consults”


I’m glad @emdub27 chimed in. I really look up to them, and makes me readily admit my shortcomings when I don’t know the answer to a question.

@anon64373531 I try to learn something new every day in business and my personal life. I’m a “Jack of all trades, master of none”

I was hoping @Sidco_Cat would contribute here with her interesting background that goes into how she does business.


When multiple references are requested, I always try to get one from a past client whose project failed. May not make sense, but most projects I take on nowadays are incredibly risky so I require the client to accept that before beginning.

On the same end, “I have never been sued by a client” is now becoming a legit differentiator for license acquisition and financial consulting lol


I’m a master baiter


I tell them I wont try to sexually harass their female employees and it immediately puts me on the top half of this industry