What is your average return % for CLS


here are three different runs with terp/ cannabinoid profile


These are all ran under the exact same sop and trying to stay with in the same temp perameters by single digit differences. The sop does include a dewaxing column with three stages filters down to 5 micron. Once again tho I only soak for about 30 minutes in the dewaxing column as well


No run will be the same every strain and grower, when harvested ect…I feel
Like you’re looking for a answer you want. 18-22% non dewaxed is about the average…if you’re dewaxing you’ll see a other 8-11% loss of total mass…


This is how much I loose via dewax per 2lbs run…


I totally understand I’m not looking to be the same… what I’m looking to do is make sure I pull ALL the cannabinoids from the flower. I would rather not have a flower that has a test result of 30% only produce 18% return.


If my numbers are in the 85%+ ranger I should be pulling way more then 18%


Honestly 30% tests I feel are for sales! In Oregon it’s saturated so they are pretty much at $45 per 1% Thc tested…testing varies so much! Some testing labs test high for repeat testing…I wouldn’t stress if you don’t feel the numbers match the test.


@Mastercoolkeif I’m in Montana. The prices are cheap in comparison to other states and the lab we use has their emerald stamp. It’s basically being iso certified for cannabis testing. We have had our same product be tested by the other two labs and be within 1% different. I think it’s legit here… for now


are the test liquid or gas?


That is a good question I’m not completely sure to be honest so I don’t want to answer and be wrong. What I will say is look in the emerald stamp for thc testing. FiDi labs in MT is the only lab to pass in MT as of yet


Well gas testing is higher as it test the Thc as heated to decarboxalate…liquid test lower as the water down the sample…and test the extracted liquid.


Liquid is more a bud purée :laughing:


I’m not sure how their testing method would change my total yield return % either way it doesn’t account for way an average is only 18% even if the flower is 25%


So you’re not really dewaxing at this length of time…you’ll need at least 3x that at 1.5 hours min! This could also explain your varied returns…


Not if my total fats and lipids is usually under 5%


I guess if I’m not really pulling fats and lipids why would I dewax longer? If I was pulling more then 5% I might dewax longer


What does your dewax column look like post run?


Even dewaxing in a colum is not 100% effective…


I rarely open. I usually clean with a warm butan run and collect the fats. On average on a 150g return I will see 5 to 8 grams of fats during my warm butane clean. I do the warm butane clean after pulling my flower out of the material column


Next time check I bet it’s pretty empty…dewax longer and compare! I bet you’d be suprised