What is your average return % for CLS


Even if so that will lower my yield… that’s going away from the question. How do I pull a higher yield and get the last % out of the material. Fuck the fats and lipids lol. The test results show in now I have less then 2%


Don’t dewax…it’s thats simple…if yeild is all your after


When you collect heads from keif and get it tested it runs in the 85%+ ranger for thc. When you press heads you get an 80% - 90% return. Why can’t I get a 30% return on flower testing at 30% lets lower that number… I have product I’ve ran testing at 17% and I only pulled a 12% return… that’s a lot closer but still in my eyes an unexceptable amount of loss I would like not to miss


I’ve noticed as well when scaling up in size. From doing work runs to doing 1lb runs to now doing 5lb runs. I’m wondering if a bottom fill option would result in better saturation. Ie not finding a path of least reactance. But when I look at the way I do my packing not sure I have a path of least resistance. And when watching the condensation build as the butane flows almost always it’s flowing at the same rate down the entire column


You won’t see 30% returns! 25% If you don’t dewax…maybe a tad higher in really high terpene stains…


More inspiration to prove it can be done!!! I will pull off a complete cannabinoid remove. I’m not concerned about the actual number it self more as making sure I pull all the content out of the flower. If the content if only 18% I want to pull a complete 18% return but have it be analytical be in the 85% or higher for cannabinoid content


Good luck to you sir! I’ve been doing this 5 years everyday…haven’t seen it yet in my days!


I pulled 22% on that green diesel. I’ll go find the test results for the flower show I’m well with in a small % of doing that


Granted that is my only strain to be that close in the 4 years I’ve been doing this. That is actually what got me thinking why can’t I do the same with all the other strains? What are we missing? If we can crc and not effect yield why can’t we improve on our yields as well? Let’s not limit our selfs here



bro straight proof right here!!! I’ve got a 95.something % pure production pulling 22% off a flower with 23.5% medicinal value including terps. It can be done


The finer you grind, the better saturation you should get, the more you should pull. The more uniform your plant matter, the better the column will work. Remove all sticks! :slight_smile:


Ok i might be wrong. Not sure.
The test is only for 11 cannabinoids out of 115. And 21 terpenes out of idk. Wouldnt stand to say that there is a large % still not shown on the test.
In my opinion those are great numbers. Im all for beter yield with higher quality


When you grind fine you literally dissolve plant matter into the solvent and get darker final product…


I don’t see your yeild in the pix… but I didn’t study them, like I said it falls in the 20-25% unwaxed. If you remove to fats you will lose mass! Also have you noticed ran material looks almost unrun after? (I’ve seen people get took on buying already run material) plus, you don’t and won’t dissolve all the stalks, only heads essentially. Plus not all trichomes are the same either, some are long, short…ect. Point it there are a lot of factors at play! And to say a non standardized test telling you 30% won’t mean you get 30% back…it’s not that’s cut and dry.


Try sending your already extracted material to the lab. Dump the sock, homogenize & let the lab grab a sample. Then you’ll know what you’ve left behind.

In my experience I never pull the same yield as the potency % on a test. Always lower.

My average overall yield from the last 7 years is ~11.7% (oil normally testing around 75-80% thca, .5-4% terpenes). Highest yields I’ve seen were in the 23-25% range, lowest in the 4% range.


If he’s already inline dewaxing, and running sufficiently cold butane, through a properly chilled column, what would he worry about picking up? I run a pretty fine grind and only have darkening issues when I’m impatient and run before letting my entire column chill to at least -50.


I littterally pulverize almost every run into dust before I pack my column. I use a stainless steel container, so I can collect all the keif that falls off to. I have yet to dissolve plant material in my product, unless I do a soak longer then thirty minutes. I’ve been doing R&D with test results to back every run for the last 2 years. The only thing I never took into account/ took for granted was the % yield based on % available. I’m a second year chemistry major. My professors say it’s possible to get all content out it is just a matter of daminishing return. At what point does it take more effort to run then to make money.


He’s not actually dewaxing at 30 mins! I asked if he looked in his dewax he said no…30 mins will
Not dewax! I run cold and soak cold and still and dewax 8-11% more out.


You’re dissolving plant mater too…I use to do the same thing!


Like I said you seem to want a certain answer! I’m not really gonna waste more time. Take care fellas! Hope ya crack the code!