What is your average return % for CLS


Hey guys!! I’ve run into a situation i feel i have taken for granted. more like i just taken what i got with out questioning it more. my average return seems to be between 15% and 18%. i work for three different companies, so i get to see the difference in return due to grow styles. one of my customers average about 23% thc, 28% total cannabinoids and 1.5% terps on their flower. and with out fail i can guarantee max 18% return. i feel like i’m leaving a good % of cannabinoids behind. while i have another company that seems to be all over. they just had a strain come down with 22% psychoactive thc. and like 1.2%terps. the total return on the end product was 22%!!! why was i able to pull almost everything out of one person product but i seem to habitually leave behind product in anothers?


What process are you doing?BHO?ETHO? And how are you certain it is the same material.


I have noticed things similar. I dont have numbers behind my findings but some strains seem to require more tane to pull everything you want to get out of it. Might have to due to moisture content


I’m using BHO with and iso blend. Roughly a 70/30. And I’m 100% certain. In Montana all production must be done in house. I’m an operator who goes to the location and blast at their facility. I pulled from a jar already tested with results. This company bases their choice of product of testing. I.E. low terps go to shatter higher terps go to sugars/crystals.


Im not sure if this is the reason but its kinda my theory… I read once that some nutrients make the tricombs swell somehow to make them look more apealing and larger… try and find out what nutes they use… i think the article was talking about bloom boosters… this is just what i told myself so i didnt loose to much sleep about it… no scientific data to back it…


Look at % cannabinoids recovered, not % of biomass recovered.

10kg input. You get 22% yeild vs 18% yield. One was a fatty mess at 70% cannabinoids, the other at 80%. Which was the win? (Work the math)

Potency of input X Weight of input = input cannabinoids.

Potency of output x weight => output cannabinoids.

Output/input = extraction efficiency.

Won’t vary near as much as what you’re measuring at the moment


Speak it cyclopath.

Anyone still talking in “% weight recovery” is way behind the times. Mass balance on cannabinoids is all that counts for recovery. HPLC tested or it doesn’t count.


@cyclopath and @shinyemulsion wait a minute here I am talking about cannabinoid content… what I’m saying is that if flower test out at 30% cannabinoids, and I’m pulling 90% cannabinoids… I should be able to pull close to a 30% return. Anyone not double checking their numbers is obviously at a risk of loosing a lot if you think a 15% yield is good. Basic math says that if a flower is 30% cannabinoids you should be able to pull a 25% return including terpenes at least with a 85% cannabinoid profile

Almost all my returns are at 85% cannabinoids +


You’re looking at input potency and output potency, and you sound like you’re doing the math. Most don’t. Least not the ones reporting as %yield by weigh of input.

My point is simply that 18% yeild by wt of biomass is a less informative metric than 90% of available cannabinoids (or whatever you’re pulling).


and then you add 4.87% terps. Hell im pulling 98% medicinal value. But only getting at 15% return on a flower that says ther is 30% available. I’m using a 10:1 solvent:material ratio


I totally agree that most people don’t compare. That’s why I’m here to start the convo. I want to hear other people’s results and get people thinking more


Not a big believer in 30% cannabinoid flower.

I absolutely agree that yield as % of biomass should be pretty close to % potency.

However, if you’re getting a potency and a mass on both your input and output, there is a more accurate way of measuring your prowess.

Cannabinoids in vs cannabinoids out.

I’m on a religious crusade to see it used.

Feel free to pass.


Careful, I get yelled at for being mean when I try and do that :wink:


You run 10 pounds of solvent per 1 pound material? I feel that’s a bit excessive…I’ve gotten great returns on 3-4:1…


I started with 7:1, upped it to 10:1 just to see and pulled bigger returns. I’m running -80f solvent. I felt it was a bit excessive myself but the results show it’s worth it. I also do a minimal soak. We are talking 30 minutes max


I feel a longer soak yields more impurities ie color, fats and so on


I soak for 2 hours…


Soaking longer also locks in mono and sesquicenterpenes…


I’ve tested this… I get way better results with out soaking


That live resin…terps are high on live…was other live resin? Do you dewax?