What is this and how is it made “ice caps”

Delta 8 version for smoke shop

Or thca version any form that will work let me
Know please with a Cherry on top lmao

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Looks like moonrocks except they rolled it in THCa isolate instead of kief. Not really going to find a d8 version of this.


shrimp is correct. it is typically cbd / hemp bud , dusted in thc-a isolate to give better high. i’ve heard it works pretty well compared to regular bud .


When will the shitty gimmicks stop? People are actually buying enough of this crap to make it profitable for the company?


They selling. Bm packs for 2k+

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I personally agree , however the product is moving and it’s making money so it’s not going anywhere atm … from what I read people actually like it

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That’s interesting. From what I understand, the regular consumer will purchase a moonrock for $60/g once for the novelty and never purchase it again. I can’t imagine a company making kilos of this crap is actually making any profit selling it for $4/g while the dispo or smoke shop turns around and marks up the price 3x or more. Like I’m sure the middle man (dispo/smoke shop/dealer) is making bank off new customers, but I doubt the majority of purchases are from returning customers. I dunno, this is all just speculation on my part from observing markets in the past. I feel like regular bud sales would outpace moonrocks in every way.

You’re right tho, this industry loves its lame gimmicks that new customers will eat up initially. I just don’t see the longevity in it, especially when customers realize they can just make their own for significantly less. Like, even Redditors think it’s a lame gimmick.

Someone with data pull up those graphs and numbers, now I’m curious.


“There’s a new rock coming to town, purple rock cocaine. Its not for sale, and its taking y’all dope smokers to the moon.”



Legit just Capt. Cooks proprietary Chili Powder Meth. Shits the bomb, YO!

Well, people are lazy. It proves itself time and time again. Convenience trumps all, it requires the least amount of energy for the reward. People’s attention spans are getting even shorter these days, nobody has the “time” (lol) or just plain lack awareness to make their own stuff.

There’s a certain type of retard customer who has absolutely zero connects, simply wants to walk to the nearest store and buy whatever legal alternative is closest to the real thing, and call it a day. and it’s not selling to these types for no $4/g.

the only other market for it is black market dealers selling it as “real” moon rocks, since no one can tell the difference (thc-a converts to regular thc when smoked)

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Reading comprehension, brother. Nowhere in my statement did I imply that the consumer is purchasing moonrocks for $4/g. The middleman is apparently. OP said packs sell for $2k in the BM. Assuming a pack is 1lb, that’s around $4/g.

Plus, I know for sure people are smart enough to realize they can just buy an eighth, a distillate syringe, and some raw THC-a diamonds in order to make their own if they really wanted to. (Believe it or not this is way more cost effective than buying a single gram OF COATED BUD for $60+ every time.) But nobody does this because nobody realistically wants this product more than once because it’s a gimmick and a novelty. Besides, I asked for legit market data, not more anecdotal information.

I’ll admit my frame of reference is highly anecdotal as well since I’m not even involved in the industry or BM anymore. That’s the reason I asked for actual market data. We can go back and forth on this all day. If it’s making people you know a lot of money, that’s great for them, I’d just like to see it.

I also understand that convenience is king, everyone here knows carts, prerolls and flower sell the best (in that order). I bet moonrocks don’t even make it to top 5 in sales, mainly because concentrates are already a huge niche in the market, and I’m sure moonrocks will fall under that category.

So again, if anyone has actual data on this I’d LOVE to see it. (Also, my bad not trying to be rude, hope I didn’t come off as mean lol)

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I’m just bouncing some comments back and forth with you, I don’t intend to provide you any “data” sorry brother . i’m not arguing with you i’m just saying it from how I see it.

I will say tho, people don’t make their own , for the same reason not everyone has a mini lab at home mixing up their own carts . Because 1) people don’t want to have to do that 2)not convenient 3) costs more to start up…i disagree it has anything to do with being too “novel”

part of the reason moon rocks are so “novel” in the first place , is because they are hyped up to be premium product , but every single time people use shitty starting flower .


I mean, I don’t think you need a mini lab to make your own moonrocks. Never even implied that either. I’ve legitimately seen consumers make their own moonrocks with a collection of ingredients bought from the dispo. Ie, disty syringe, bud, and kief or THCa diamonds. Like, it’s not advanced chemistry or rocket science. You can also go on reddit and see all these custies saying this as well. Seems like everyone on there collectively agrees moonrocks are a waste of money due to the fact they can procure the 3 main ingredients for cheaper.

But that’s just reddit. The people I know who smoke and purchase from the BM just smoke bud and don’t care about strains or flavors or any other gimmick. They just want something to smoke. Prerolls and bud satisfy that urge just fine. Like legit, if I came to them with a Q for $60 and a 1g moonrock for the same price, more people are gonna pick the Q.

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interesting… the people i know who smoke, are very interested in the strain, being picky if it’s a hybrid / indica/ whatever … it’s quite annoying to deal with. same with carts.

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It was surprising to me too honestly. I grew up in Miami though, and that’s the black market I’m referencing. All my friends that smoke back home literally don’t give a shit about any of that. If it smokes good they’ll smoke it lol

One of my friends tells me how every time he goes to his dealer, the plug is trying to talk up all these strains and every time my buddy is just like,“Just give me the pack bro idc” lmao

remind me of some black market “menus” … they type up a whole paragraph with fancy words on some 7.5/10 bud like it’s straight from god or something. It’s like bro cut the bullshit is it gas or not? I totally get that hahaha …every moon rock i have ever, ever tried was made from the cheapest materials possible , and it shows. I think people would appreciate them more if , idk, they didn’t smoke like god damn reggie pack from 05…



more often THCa Coated is only a marketing term for these when seen on the grey market / bm. If anyone ever sees these at too good of a deal to be true its more often gonna be CBD isolate coated marketed as THCa. But the stuff from hemp companies that are already selling raw THCa has no reason to be fake at the premiums they sell it for. First saw this with the “cannacavi ice moonrocks” that quickly got ruined by people making them with cbd isolate in the glass jars with wood tops today its in turkey bags by the pound


When it stops appealing to children and gets fully regulated like Cigarettes/Alcohol.


Sure it’s Moonrock

They are all “hybrid whatever” at this point…