What is the normal amount of cannabis concentrate used?

My friends told me that everyone uses cannabis concentrates differently, cauz I am always afraid of I am taking too much. So, I really would like to know what kind of frequency do you have?

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And if you are also curious , please answer this questionnaire,I’ll share the statistics to you all later~~

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In a session or day time frame?

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Day time. For me i take concentrates twice per day and each time like 0.1g around.

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I dab a .2 to .3 a session. How much I dab depends on the amount of time I have to do so. Busy day maybe none at all. Slow day 4 or 5 times?


OH, that sounds like I dont have to worry about myself, Thank you for your experiences~ And ld like to know do you have your best concentrates device?

Puffco peak pro is my go to. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll go for my headie rig and nail.


There are very few people here that consume “normal” amounts of concentrates lmfaooo

Thats like asking bar tenders how much they drink


Personally I’m looking at a 1-2g of rosin in a day’s time if I’m feeling saucy. Usually in a slurper, sometimes a peak when I’m playing video games.


Yes I smash a couple grams a day of bho, plus joints and edibles. All day long, I don’t take pain pills and I hurt all day, but without weed I’d hurt so much more

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used to go through an oz of concentrate a month. didn’t matter if it was rosin or BHO

now it’s closer to 14g/mo. just got busier in life


I smoke roughly half a gram of day between two of us. Usually some live resin sugar mixed with flower in blunt form.

Alot of people waste it by using too hot a temp and couging or burning it off. Google low temp dabs.


I think you are right :slight_smile:

I dab 1.1g raw distillate off a red hot titanium nail first thing in the morning, unless I can get my hands on some unpurged sauce.


My buddy told me that doing a gram dab is the closest thing to doing heroin


1-2 grains of rice.

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But the golden state banana guy told me it’s cool

I have probably hit 10 or so gram dabs in my life. It’s definitely cool

my body pretty much physically rejects more than .1, y’all are crazy

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I dont usually dab but ive been out and drinking and as a beginner on oil it would fuck me up.