What is in this liter? Ideas?

What is in this Liter? I was told he sent me Liters that were already ““Terp””'added on accident. Said 10%. I feel like the dude is lying. Terps smell nice and fruity this doesn’t. Just smells like a nice bud smell. I have been buying liters for years and have never seen this.

What was it reported to be?

Theres a lot of solids in there it looks like

Best guess?

Didn’t bother distilling.
Just decarbed BHO.
…and didn’t finish that job either.

You always get your own third party analysis right?


Whatever the hell it is, it looks gross. It is either not distilled at all or single pass with nothing else done to it. Or… Someone extremely incompetent was processing it. Whatever the hell it is, I wouldn’t trust it and I would definitely test it first.

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That definitely has fats and lipids in it

Im with @cyclopath i think its partially decarbed bho


I third that assessment. Seen this before.

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Thank you to everyone who replied. Bought 10 liters from him and he sent me 6 that was like this. Took a big L on these. Going to toss them in the trash. Appreciate everyone’s knowledge.

That would be silly without trying to complete the decarb yourself.

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I think it would be wasteful to trash them. You may be able to find someone to distill them for you. I’ve polished many a turd liter and made some nice earl!


Absolutely do not trash those… They aren’t what you bought but they aren’t dangerous/unusable.

You can rebuild them, we have the technology


Either find someone to actually distill them


Winterize, Complete Decarb, See what hits the pan.

Send for analytics at that point if you can.

Assuming everything is kosher, at worst you would need to segregate it down for edibles?

It definitely looks like somebody just sent you half melted crude lol. Without analytics no telling what’s in there, and it does look kind of narly, but there is a good possibility it isn’t hazardous. Would be a shame to throw out 6 liters just because they don’t play nice as is with your vape hardware…Only you know what the cost of those were, but one would wager cost of test/cleanup couldn’t be worse than chucking them in the bin.


Yeah partial decarb fo sho

This guy wants them


I would ship them to him for sure!

Have you tested to make sure it’s not CBD distillate?


I’m sorry but this sent me, “Terps smell nice and fruity this doesn’t. Just smells like a nice bud smell.”

Homie out here thinking real terps smell like watermelon jolly ranchers lol

FYI @Von24 if it smells like bud then it smells like terps. Terps don’t smell like juicy fruit, botanically derived flavonoid/alcohol/ester/non-terpenoid aromatic mixes do.


Honestly scared for the people who consume…whatever he makes with these “litres”

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Im talking about botanically terps, Im not talking about CDT. But yes I agree CDT don’t smell fruity. @SauceBossNW

I agree @Cascade_hemp. Dudes shop should be shut down for pumping out product like that. We are going to have them tested just to see what’s going on. For sure won’t be using them unless a lab could fix them for us correctly.

Omg don’t throw them out… :eyes: