What is in this liter? Ideas?

@vortal Ill have to find a lab who could fix them for me.

So where are you?

Midwest. Would be cool to find someone in Michigan that could do it for me

For starters, botanicals should almost never be ran at 10% (even diverse blends without flavorants.).
CDTs if they aren’t terrible should smell LOUD at 10%.

Sounds to me like the remnants of the half burnt aromatics of whatever got shoved into those jars.

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Oh no no no no no, lmaooo the top guess’ could be right but id assume it wasnt decarbed post process. This is what a lot of big farms who sit on and store their trim incorrectly… product turns out like this without a grotesque amount of post processing.

I bet if you tested it, it would mainly constitute of thca, have a good amount of thc and is just older material that was processed poorly and never crystallized.

Thats why it smells like buds and not like your others that were botanicaly flavored from other plants not cannabis. Im assuming you had flavored liters for carts? If so this isnt even distilled.

If it was decarbed post extraxtion it wouldnt smell like buds, decarbed extract has a very distinct smell and its more like hay/displeasing.

Get it tested i guarantee it has large quantities of both thca and thc so if its someone you can prove and done repeat buisness with tell him take his L after results and fix it up or say goodbye to a sales avenue.

That looks exactly like what i pour out if i run some OLD material that doesnt crystallize before i learned that doubling your powders was well worth it early legislation.

@Von24 you can look up the machinery on my ig. Ive processed tons a day a lot of fakers on this site careful

Anyone claiming to see fats or waxs in the picture is as delusional as @qma is when he said he could tell my products had waxs/fats in it cause a picture. ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY CAN SEE IT W.O IT BEING SUSPENDED HAS SHIT IN THEIR MOUTH. And odds are the process couldve been done wrong and something else is suspending. You cant test fat content thru a picture jesus christ u guys really gotta stop trying to shit out your mouth instead your asses.

k. If you havent seen high terp or distillate with fats SUSPENDED in them and can’t clearly identify that…well I’m not suprised… It’s you.


He is like the flat earther of our industry


This is what a bit of one pass distilled non-winterized or any other processing done on it looks like. (Starting material was complete garbage)

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You guys actually believe you can identify compounds by eye sight. And think im the flat earther is honestly hilarious.

I could put tetrafluoroethane in a water bottle and take a picture and you guys would say its water.

Bunch of fucking idiots i swear lol


Which future verified consultant drank acetonitrile because it was in a water bottle again :sob::joy::joy::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::joy:

How many people have been airlifted to hospitals since that incident? Another future user from the past i follow has cancer from conversions and is barely alive.

Yall keep calling me what you will. The most credible people here have died from things like hydrogenation, simple mislabelling, i can go on. Yall keep acting like im a flat earther

Ima keep reality checking you and not allowing you to let others read thru your bull shit except all the bad occurences you hide in the echo chamber.

In hindsight… you all just basically admitted to being so bad at processing that you cant even properly freeze your starting material/learned the simplicity for coagulation of fats and filtering them inline…

Sorry your right i will never be skilled enough to differentiate fats in post processed material because this thing called dry ice or chillers help you do this thing were you dont get them/can filter them.

I have to agree with you. People can’t just make chit up about the contents of something. The answer to the op post in question is, send it in and get a pan el to tell you what’s in it definitely. Also anyone who can’t do based winterization and carbon scrub or even other methods of polishing before first pass is a lazy pole stroker. I don’t understand why people think it’s okay to skip steps and or do the least amount of work and then slap some bogus label on it like “full spectrum”. It’s a clown show with anyone who can’t bother themselves with pre processing work to further make a better product.

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I take a personal ofense to that statement and I would like to believe that you’re ignorant and not just a jackass?

I extract with Liquid hydrocarbons at room temperature and for me it makes more sense to throw it into alcohol for winterization only after first pass.

And this is what it looks like on the second pass-

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Theres a reason why dewaxing and winterization have different termonology while they perform the same process… of course room temp extractions of a much more selective solvent will result differently, but fact of the matter if your doing hydrocarbon extractions to distill your kinda fucking up lol.

Much slower, riskier, more expensive, for what a higher production cost? Very illogical get cold material extract live resin and increase your margins and profits.

Ive done several non winterized first passes and its just a shit show and a waaayy slower process to do so.

Did you miss the part where I said it was LIQUID HYDROCARBONS. I’m not using gas and my results speak for themselves. Why don’t you do us a favor and post your results. let’s see.


Some of my work is posted around this forum and on my ig i list on my profile, yes gasses are liquids when you chill them to their liquid state…

And yet I’m telling you I am not working with gas and I have mentioned already it is at room temperature and I can also say it is at ambient atmospheric pressure if that helps you any? and what I do works perfectly fine for me. But regardless of the solvent I choose to use, it does not negate the fact that that statement was either ignorant or he was being a jackass.


Ignorant how? It doesn’t matter what temperature you extract at. What matters is the post processing effort or pre processing preparations for distillation.

Don’t know what i was thinking…I assumed that maybe you had encountered some poorly extracted material previously in your massive amount of extraction experience, maybe even from other extractors and maybe even had the opportunity to remedy it for them. But again…it’s you…so I should’ve known for damn sure that no one is dropping their gear to you :rofl:

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Hah! They’re all over the globe :rofl: