What is in Distillate besides cannabinoids? What's in the residue after distillation?

I have asked these questions of a number of people and have yet to get a satisfactory answer. I’m sure that a number of the brilliant people here know the answer. Care to enlighten?

  1. Say you have made distillate and it tests at 70% CBD and 10% additional cannabinoids what makes of the remaining 20%
  2. What is in the residue when you’re done processing your winterized crude, have removed all of your cannabinoids and are left with the black tarry substance?
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Depending on your extraction solvent
The pre distillation sop
And the quality of the distillation artist
The remains that get glass hard are often sugars
The remains in co2 extract are often wax/lipids
The remains in a bad operator artist
Are any of the above with degradation products


This is SC CO2 extracted.

Well as I stated before fats sugars and high BP o terps are/can all be part of that gunk
Every biomass gives different results
And nobody really knows
Leiden university is now around 107 identified compounds other than cannabinoids and terps
And that’s on raw oil god knows how many more to figure out and how many
Degradade once heated :cry:


I suspect isomerazion from heat on a number of cannabinoids causing testing equipment programmed to identify a certain molecular structure to not identify it.


… that’s when they test your distillate at only 3% recognizable cannabiniods :rofl::rofl::rofl: