What is going to happen all the THC biomass now that it's cheaper to convert CBD to THC distillate

Is the price for crude just going to go so low that people will be keep processing it? Is lower quality crude going to be dumped out since it cost a certain amount of money to distill it or does it have another use, I know last year it was still worth it to distill this biomass into distillate but now that CBD conversions are becoming more common does that mean the minimum delta 9 content of biomass won’t be financially worth processing anymore?

dont worry the big MJ companies will lobby the politicans and make conversions illegal by hook or by crook… im awaiting the news that some kids have gotten covid after smoking converted material and the local news will somehow be suprisingly educated on cannabinoid conversions somehow etc etc


But what about the terpalerps? and the thc-a line of products?

You wont be able to easily reproduce the taste, smell, and experience of cannabis biomass when doing conversions.

I think when it comes to smokables you cannot replace it. But when it comes to adding into other products like food and drinks where you probably want a terp free product then absolutely.


Very few licensed states have the ability for hemp products to be sold as rec weed products.

No states currently let you grow a hemp plant tracked only by dept of ag and not on metrc and then turn that into a metrc tracked product that can be sold in adult use dispensaries.

You would need to grow these hemp plants in your metrc facility/farm and that would make them no cheaper than thc biomass as it would be grown to same scale with the same fees etc.


Oregon allows mother liquor to be sold from hemp license to cannabis license


@Future I gotta know your opinions on this topic

I see all this talk about converting CBD to thc and I get it

BUT…and here’s a big BUT. Can you tell a difference when vaping d8 vs d9? Does d8 taste the the same, and have the same effects and for just as long

If not then damn I can get beautiful d8 really cheap and readily available. D9 cat 3 however has became hard to aquire.

Would I be able to tell a difference in d8 and d9

@Soxhlet. @Killa12345. Does anyone else have thoughts on this and tried both enough to know.

What would you rather vape d8 or tried and true d9


Oregon doesn’t count.


there’s also delta 8 on the rec market by herban tribe, but they’re scarce with the info

I would not bet against that analysis whatsoever

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You know my opinion on this. I’m old school. I don’t smoke no d8. I don’t like the slippery slope we are heading. I like natural organic d9 thc flower made with organic tees and the concentrates made from that flower.

I don’t like conversation. I don’t need chemistry to get high. To each their own. I’m not hating on their hustle. It’s just not for me.

I hope they can make a business off it and I wish them success! I’m just not a buyer


without terps, yes

high is a little different, less cloudy and more boring imo.

would prefer good bho over distillate or isolate.


I agree with the good bho over distillate and isolate. The second you add some good live resin terps to the distillate or isolate changes my whole opinion on that


This is the only reason I can sleep

I like big butts and I cannot lie. Other brothers cant deny. D8 walks in w aittybitty waste wit a big fat round thing in Chad’s face he gets sprung. Lol.

Man that was stupid :smile:


Converted D8/D9 is passed off in Michigan by the unscrupulous as regular disty all day. Half of my med patients actually prefer it (They do know it’s different because I tell them).


Real weed isnt going anywhere. This D8 BS is just strengthening the market.


I’m out of likes for today, but I totally agree with you. I deal with a lot of sick people, soccer moms and older folks and a lot of times, it’s either entry level or complements smokables.

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This. While there are a few states who allow non-flower hemp products to be sold in dispensaries, large interests won’t allow D8 to become a norm. If there’s a large state with say 10, or even 100 MED/REC licensees who have K Street lobbyists on retainer, they’re going to do all they can to curb any potential competition for THC products. And there are at least two companies I can think of who have been pursuing pharma D8 patents for years.

If there really was a shared corporate+consumer interest with enough momentum to allow conversions to be sold across the US, why wouldn’t D9 just be deregulated instead? Barring some niche medical conditions who would choose D8<D9 if they’re at the same price point?

Thank you good sir…now I don’t feel dumb for saying no to the L d8 that was available and holding out for cat3 d9. I just hope my supplier can hurry up bc we besn out for weeks now and its awful

I’ve alread went to through the 100g no fires I’ve had over the year by ethanol washing them out and adding right back to carts once I was out d9…they dark as fuck but gotta have something.

Next I’m going to live carts. But that’ll cost a lil more per xzff and I


This why I like to buy concentrates for the year. Not the week or month. The last time I ran outta weed or concentrates was over 20 years ago.

I think my concentrates stash can just about shit on 95% of people headstashes.