What is Dirty Arm Farms' new NP-710?

Apologies if this has already been answered here. What is Dirty Arm Farms’ new process??? They claim it’s more bioavailable because it’s partially decarbed, so the CO2 created from decarbing has evaporated, making it easier to absorb the cannabinoids. They claim inhaling the CO2 from decarbing THC-A is bad for you, and can irritate the lungs. What do you think about these claims? What do you think they did in their new process? Slow cook the oil like meat in a water heater thingy? Apologies for my layman’s understanding.


I’ve always heard acidic derivatives are always more bioavailable… ie CBDA is more bioavailable than CBD. Literature supports this aswell. Should be mentioned that this is for oral consumption only; when you dab it no matter what it’s going to decarb.

I call it snake oil imo


Thank you!

I really appreciate the responses, this forum rocks

I saw in one of their instagram posts they mentioned partially decarbed, but in another it was implied that is was fully decarbed. If they are decarbing diamonds and homogenizing it with HTE, I guess it would be partially decarbed due to the THCa remaining in the HTE.

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I still don’t know why any one would wanna dab this stuff, looks messy. It’d make great carts though.


It looks like terpenes that are just about saturated with a thc thca mixture.

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Yeah, it seems like it would lend itself very well to cartridges. Or glass syringes. DAF did come out with some in a pod style cartridge.

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I am under the impression orally consumed CBDA and CBD can not be compared directly in terms of bioavailability because they have independent mechanisms? One study suggests 1000 times more affinity for a receptor, but that doesn’t indicate bioavailability it simply means it binds to that specific receptor better. If you have some literature that indicates overall bioavailability I would love to read it!

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IF CO2 from decarbing THCa is bad for you why doesn’t all that CO2 from the decarboxylating THCa from bud irritate your lungs while it’s being heated and combusted?

Or better yet! We actually expell CO2 from our bodies every breath. Why doesn’t that irritate our lungs.

I think Dirty Arm Farm is bascially packing it in.

Thier Marmolade dabs caught on fire for everyone and they had to force a recall, they have removed all the Haters Tears from the shelves because of it. Nobody has mentioned this online.

Whats in NP-710?

Well I will tell you because I have been there and I’ve seen it.

NP-710 is decarbed batter that didn’t diamond.

After they heat that they introduce terps from Live Resin extractions that didn’t produce enough to retail on thier own (as haters tears). To build a bigger batch, they combined both together.

So waste streams from the worst of the Live Resin extractions (battered diamonds heated).
the worst left overs from some of the smaller batches of sauce.

So what you get is garbage, for $50 a half gram for distillate flavored with live resin monoterps.
In Chinese pods bought by the pound, that are batteries that you throw in the trash (hows that for the environment).

Plastic taste on those pods are disgusting and the voltage is driven so high it tastes like sucking on a diesel tail pipe.

But maybe thats the country type of tastes that fanbois like?


Its mostly the under 30 crowd that help promote this crap on IG. As far as I am concerned there is nothing better than fresh frozen down to cryo temps and extracted at cryo temps with a butane blend and turned into diamonds and terps.




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I guess the only way to find out is see who has the bigger truck with the most mud on it.

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Just gonna say it because we tried them back before we partnered with PAX, Gpens are terrible.

They do in fact get way too hot, about 1/3 of the way into the cart it begins tasting like plastic, and they had a pretty bad fail rate.

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