What happened to CATScientific?

Hey guys, did something happen to CATScientific website?
It keeps redirecting me to RoseSci.com

Tried on my computer, phone, and a friends computer.
Anyone else experiencing this issue?
Domain got bought out?

@CATScientific What’s up, Friend?

Maybe a competitor got ahold of the domain.

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Probably got bought out, nothing changes though

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Oooo thank you! I was literally looking for those specific products :rofl:

I sent him pm last week, didn’t get a reply. Website was still active then too

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I got a call recently from Steve maybe 2 weeks ago so I am pretty sure theyre still up and running

Maybe rebrand or sold the brand

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Damn, I really needed to scoop up thier hotplate too. Was wondering why the site just kept looping me back to the homepage a few days ago.

Just order the originals from Germany and pay the customs. Way cheaper …


From what site?

Hope it’s ok to Post Links

Got the same Unit for 1/3 of the Price in US


I love you



It most certainly is. So @CATScientificwas was just taking German hardware and slapping a 3x price on it to greentax the cannabis community?


They list the x1000 for 510$, I paid 680$ from catscientific.

I think cat scientific listed theirs with all the accessory’s you will need included, so the price was higher. I paid 1800 after all the add ons. (I believe it was the lowest out the door at the time I could find) That being said I’ve bought the x1000 and x1740 from them and they’ve been very good I use them daily. Any time I’ve called or emailed Steve he’s responded in a timely manner so maybe that green tax is just a little customer support / state side Inventory tax.

Edit looks like they closed up shop


I paid for this setup 2k usd …
Not 100% sure what cat scientific charged, but pretty sure it was a lot more. I was happy when I saw the original pricing.

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Can you post the purchase invoice for your complete x1740 purchase for 2000$? Also where was that screen grab taken from? It has the x1740 drive motor listed at 2728$ when I bought the set up from CAT I paid 1795$ for the motor. I think there is some pricing confusion going on here due to leaving out key accessories like the expensive ass lab stands, wrenches, clamps, shafts etc.


10-15% markup for domestic customer service and warehousing is completely reasonable, I wouldn’t call that a green tax


They did not warehouse in the united states. Every time I or one of my farmers would make an order, it was 2 weeks before we got our order.

The customer service was so so. Bob and Steve should have switched places, cause talking to steeve was like dealing with I or @spdking … awful. Like selling you a mixer would cost him dearly.


Did you pick up the x1740 and the flow through chamber? That’s the setup I’m looking for and I believe they wanted a little under 5k for it