What does this even mean (laminar path)

Ok so two things:

I wasn’t trying to say that it isn’t possible to achieve laminar flow in a distillation. Honestly I have no idea, and in science there are always exceptions. When calculating the Reynolds number, there are a ton of variables that each have their own sub variables. What I learned after a quick literature search is that laminar flow isn’t really a thing unless you are talking about membrane distillation? (this was a really quick and lazy search bc I doubted finding anything so prove me wrong)

What I was trying to say is that even if it WAS laminar, what benefit does that have to the process? Why should anyone pay more or less for it? Turbulent flow means higher flow rates anyways.

laminar flow is absolutely a thing in fluid dynamics, but I’m not here to prove you wrong.

Mostly it was just a random thought.

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