What does this even mean (laminar path)


Summits has a laminar path monocow with a short condensing coil just past the receiving flask connection to help with condensing vapors and consequently improving vacuum. link

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yep. the question is, what does it mean?
because the flow path is almost certainly NOT laminar.

Maybe Elliots logic is that the extra cooling and full bore helps you remove vapor more rapidly, dial in temps and quickly stabilize your reaction for improved vacuum?

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It’s not wether the design is a good one or not, the question is why does he use the term laminar to describe a system that isn’t laminar.




@Jay-TL Maybe take a look at Hinckman’s High-vacuum Short-path Distillation-A Review.

It is in the Datadump.

you’ll find that opening up the vacuum path to move more vapour is not a new concept.

Has anyone tracked down any of the patents that Hinkman cited?


@cyclopath @Future Yep thank you guys.

Am I saying his equipment is bad? No, I have absolutely no experience with any of it. Am I saying he is (and has time and time before) using buzz words that have little to no meaning in this context to help market? Yes.

I’ll put it one more way. If short paths manufacturers are bottled water companies, right now he is “SMART” water…


Lol, he would be “Schlauberger wasser”, Not smart water!
You’ve seen his Hochstrom filter? It means high current!
So I prepose Elliot to be the head of “smartass water”!
This is my medical diagnosis for Elliot…


Of course it’s not a new idea. Thanks for the data dump link! Looks like I have some reading material for my upcoming vaca!!

We have a winner!

What do you mean like the joint sizes, or do you mean like flow speed?

dunno about @Bruce_leeroy, but I like to hear whatever you’ve got to say about your distillation heads. I don’t imagine you want to immortalize it under the banner of “what does the even mean?”.

Maybe a new thread on SPD heads, or the pre-existing How far do you go to distill cannabinoids?

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Mainly flow speeds, haha i assumed the joint size would be available on your website .

I agree with @cyclopath though we love information and im about the buy a couple 10 liters systems and i like to be an informed buyer

Elliot for president

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He and Trump have similar speech patterns so it’s definitely possible


i want to like this a second time

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i read this months ago and had a chuckle but in the re-read i had a thought. It’s been a while but it happens!.

If you designed your SPD to have joints that created zero turbulenece, just a smooth flow of glass connecting to glass without a bump or ridge or change in size, so basically a magical joint (see what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) then you would have a more clear, less turbulent laminar flow layer. From what I have seen of the Summit equipment it is nice, but it is standard glassware.


“like” received!