What are natural preservatives or not harmful

i seen citric acid and absorbic acid …and potassium sorbate

but i heard if you mix absorbic acid with potassium sorbate its not good


Ascorbic acid is Vitamin C. Citric acid is basically lemon juice without the water. I only really know of citric acid in the context of gummies/candies, not as a preservative.

There was a study some time ago that said Potassium sorbate and ascorbic acid can have mutagenic effects on DNA but as far as I am aware it negligible in foods. So again context is important. This whole question is kind of vague. You wouldn’t use the same preservatives for every application. Potassium sorbate irritates a lot of people’s skin but in food it’s not a problem. What are you trying to make now?

Yeah if you mix potassium sorbate with ascorbic acid you get you get acsorbic sorbet and Jurassic acid and that shit gets you finna lit, fam.


Are you talking for gummies or other edibles?

  • Citric acid/sodium citrate
  • Potassium sorbate
  • sodium benzoate

If you want to extend the perishability of flower while the plant is still growing, it can be treated with a fulvic supplement like AGT-50, pyroligneous acid (wood vinegar) or sodium/potassium bicarbonate. High mineral content and brix also helps with flower shelf life.

Jurassic acid? Is it more potent than greatful dead acid?



thc lean is what I’m aiming for

You’re not down foos

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Set crock pot to warm.

Place in mason jar: 1 gram distillate, 1.5 gram sunflower lecithin, 1/4 cup honey. Cook overnight stirring occasionally

Put emulsion in a quart jar, add 3/4c granulated sugar, 1 packet Kool-Aid, 1/4 tsp. xanthan gum, fill half way with hot water, and mix with wand blender

Fill the rest with hot water and let cool to room temperature. Add potassium sorbate/sodium benzoate and refrigerate.
Shake before using. Makes up to 32- 1 oz shots at 30mg each.

Mix potassium sorbate/sodium benzoate up to 0.1% as a preservative to last up to 30 days.


What’s the potency of your distillate to get 30 mg per shot? Obviously not all disty is created equal.

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That was assuming 96% by saying “UP TO”. YMMV. Always do your own math, kids.

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Just thought that bit deserved a little more clarification for the ones searching for spoons around these parts. Maths are very important.

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No he means the acid from the Dilophosaurus:

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