What are my options for floodable centrigues ? looking for something that can do like 25 pounds every 30 mins.

The ace spinner pissed me the hell off with it being 90,000$ when the delta cup is just as much. theres no reason for these comapnies to be raping us like this. and once i get some cash going ill get a cheap design UL listed and avaiable to for the forum for only like a 20% markup instead of a 200% mark up like these greedy bastards.

Anyone found any type of UL listed floodable centrigues that are quality?

was going to go with a solvent tank piped to a tank that holds biomass and just circulate ethanol, but then the problem is getting the wet sack into the centrifuge.

the best solution we have had is just letting it drip dry over the soaking tank and move it when it appears to be the dryest. the fire martial is still gonna flip his shit though about it.

Thoughts? ideas? i can pay to get someone designs UL listed if they feel they really have it nailed down.

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The ACE spinner is the price of the CUP 15, but the throughput of the CUP 30, not sure where youre getting your info


ya but still are we justifying a 100$ salad spinner? its just ridiculous personally when i can have the same design done for a frraction. and im currently working on it. i guess it just got me set off on a tizzy that the expense of these machines have such a large markup price.

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It’s not a 200% markup. There was a post a few days ago with one for like 5k

Do the math. The markup is INSANE.

With up motor but not cabinet, then just get a up cabinet made and There ya go, a floodable fuge for less than 20k

UL*** motor

ya its just the UL part i gotta get them on board with. But UL costs 30K max and lik 3 weeks. so how does make it cost 70K more cause of that for every unit. FUCK that highzenberg


No, if the motor is already UL and you get a UL control made for it or adapted by a certified electrician. That’s the ticket, no way in hellll it would even be close to 30

I just like to exaggerate to help explain why the Charge so much and Arnt must totally greedy shitheads. But I absolutely agree you you.

Anyone got designs they think would fly well I’ll get it fabricated and give it back to you in cost and go into machine supply game with them.

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Anita Yuen for Jim Gu

Ace spinners isn’t just a reseller. They are a value added provider.


Hi, if you are looking for floodable centrifuge similar as delta cup, contact me, we are chinese supplier and we have same design with delta, with different sizes, and the motor is UL listed

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UL motor should wait. But it is the same progress of machine:sunglasses:
Do you have some ideas? Have interests about machine?

i dont think you understand the price of safety compliance


I don’t think you understand the cheapness of a UL motor


make sure you let us all know the final cost of your adventure into compliance. include all the hours you put into it as well.



Sheesh…:man_facepalming: You get what you pay for. It’s really that simple. If safety isn’t a top priority to you when working with these kinds of volatile solvents in mass…you’re a literal time bomb. Best of luck with China.


Safety is a priority for all of us I hope! All Siosis wants is to be the Sheppard and not the sheep. I prefer that myself and build just about anything and everything! It’s way more fun and satisfying. Not to mention way cheaper!

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Yeah Chinese doesn’t necessarily mean shit. I buy Chinese and have American engineers make it safe and still a cheaper price tag at the end of the day. Depends on the situation.