What air conditioner is in your grow room

I currently use mini splits in my flower rooms and they used to work great when i used air cooled hoods.

I upgraded to double end bulbs a couple years ago and by doing that it sucked all the humidity out of my room and have to use humidifiers in room now.

Humidifiers even with ro case scale and it gets in everything.

Curious whats acs are being used and if anyone else has experienced this low humidity issues.

Im about to have to service or replace ac system so thought i would look for feedback or experiences.

It’s winter time. Everyone’s humidity is low right now


Ideal Air 36k for my small rooms and clone / mother rooms.

We use 20 Ton split systems for our larger rooms.

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This is year round.

Shop is completely spray foamed. Almost too insulated or sealed.

Only been since double enders installed without air cooled hoods.

Went from 17 air cooled old school bulbs to 12 double enders. Production same just dry as can be ughh. Scale is causing major issues

Sealed room with co2 supplement

You basically added 12 heaters to your room that used to be outside the room, if that makes sense


Laughs in Floridian


Heatload the same basically but definately different heat. Used same ac for the other keeps temps the same just dried out like in 20% low humidity

I use carrier or American standard. Both have 10+ year warranty depending on models. You can add humidifier to the ac system to make up what they are removing from the room. Steam humidifiers build far more scale than pad humidifiers.

17 air cooled to 12 dual ends… that heat load is definitely NOT the same

That’s a lie lol, we get humidity all year up here east coast Canada.

To be fair, you live on the ocean front.


Look at chillers. With air handlers. Only way to go. SUrna has gotten really big with their designs. Dehumidifiers too. I don’t use their products I source mine from local plumbing supply. But traditional hvac with line sets will be obsolete soon. I.E. Ca Title 24 building codes. Seer ratings are a joke when you push air though 18” pipes that can have same tonnage as if you supply a air handle with a 1/2” supply and return water line.


I don’t think i’ve ever used an AC - good airflow design helps. I’ve seen 200+ lights run efficiently with simply swamp coolers (dialed in the humidity nice too).



I’ve always been curious why no one uses geothermal, or just an indoor/outdoor heat exchanger setup in the winter

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Humidifiers cause scale? I’ve been trying to find some info about that alas I haven’t.

I got some weird white spots on my leaves that someone said was scale and I’ve used a humidifier during the initial stage of veg.

When I looked up scale none of my plants really look like that.

Would you say these spots are indicative of scale?

I know folks who’ve run Surna equipment, total trash

You have thrips


looks like thripsI wish my issue was too dry. im even getting humidity spikes now that all the snow melted and the ground is saturated. I have a monster lgr dehumidifier and will soon be exhausting outdoors. On topic I have to use a portable, its a whynter 14k

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Yes 5.5 ton cooling same temp in room

5.5 tons would have cooled 25+ air cooled lights.

That heat load is very different.

Just because your air conditioner still handles it, doesn’t mean the heat load is the same. Not at all.

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