WFD parameters with CO2 crude

Hello all,

I run a Chemtech KDT6 Wiped film distillation machine, I am getting 82-84% THC 87% total potency off 2 passes. I have to be able to do better, my job is depending on it. My owners are not satisfied with the product. my parameters are;

Evap: 1st 170C/ 2nd 130C
Cond: 1st 65C/ 2nd 60C
Residue: 1st 95C/ 2nd 95C
Feed Tank: 1st 115C/ 2nd 110C
Feed speed: 1st 100rpm/ 2nd 80rpm
Wiper Speed: 1st 260rpm/ 240rpm
Cold Trap: -40C same 1st and 2nd

im running these parameters with winterized decarbed CO2 crude. any advice or tricks would be much apprciated. Thanks

pH your crude. Resolve any issues there and you should be good.

Edit: Do it before you short path the volatiles off.

forgive me if I sound amateurish, im only 2 years in. what do you mean by ph my crude? and what changes would I make based on what results?

You can test the pH of your crude while it’s suspended in ethanol. Ethanol is slightly acidic so keep that in mind.

Adjust your pH to 6.5ish and then rotovap and distill.

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what would be a simple way to adjust my ph level, for example if my ph is at 5 what would i do to take it up to 6.5 ? also if i were above 6.5 what process would i use to take my ph down?

What is your vacuum at? I am currently tuning a system for my employer.