Weird bud die-off, help pls

Hey friends

Just started into budding a couple weeks ago and some of my ladies are real unhappy.

I had my rabbit problems with some stripped stems. Now I’m getting worried those lil dickheads caused some permanent damage.

I’m also very worried about mold. It’s shaping up to be a very rainy fall and my ladies need another 3-4 weeks before they’re gonna be ready.

Some of the tips od the buds just went completely yellow and scaggly and I’m not sure if I can remedy that. Also noticing some yellowing and brown spots on a few.

I just grabbed some calmag just as a little nutrient boost. Using agtonic, and jacks flowering.

Panicking a bit, this is my first real grow, and was planning on most of my winter income for it.

Here’s a couple of them that are ok and proves I’m not a complete failure :joy:

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Get a Dino lite and check your work stat


Pretend I’m new and dumb to this portion of the game.

What do you mean by that?


My first thought was root problems, but scope them for russet/broad mites. I can’t remember which ones live at the top of the plant.


I’m leaning towards broad or russets mites.

Check stalks, any of them rotting? Had one plant last season get some sort of fungus/rot at the base of the stalk and it looked like this before it died…

Also how long did it take for them to progress to this point? From time you first saw signs to this.


Did it freeze? Looks like they got cold.

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He means USB microscope.


We’ve definitely got a bit of mold on some stems. It’s started to rain a bunch. But it doesn’t seem consistent with mold spots to messed up bud sites.

Hitting them with a bit of hydrogen peroxide to mitigate any mold.

I’ll get on the mites and look into that.

Gonna bring leaf blowers to dry them out, but expecting a week of solid rain.

There’s been yellowing leaves here and there all season, but the bud fraying has just been this week.



lil botrytis too on some of those. make sure you’re circulating air and monitoring your environmental conditions of you are adding moisture via h2o2. balance.


Non cannabis link, but some good broad mite info.

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This is my guess too

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This is the only thing ive found to deal with broads and russets in flower.

Arbico is sold out but other suppliers have them.


Hit em with PFR-97 foiler and a regalia soaking a few days later.


I hadn’t heard of this. Very cool.


If your outdoors it really shines. The cycle just runs and runs and runs. It’s a solution to a pest problem and integrated pest management in itself once it’s used.


Looks like Pythium, possibly Pythium/Fusarium combo.

Pull the soil back from around the base and check for crown necrosis.

Regardless of what it is, if you’ve got rain coming for an extended duration… those plants in the close-up pic are as good as garbage. I would pull those out and get them away from the rest of the bunch, because all that necrotic tissue is gonna mold and spread spores. If you end up pulling them out, inspect the roots for necrosis and maybe take some pics if you suspect damage.

If it is Pythium/Fusarium, it might already be too late for the plants close by. It’s really difficult to stop the spread of Pythium/Fusarium once it’s gotten to such an advanced stage. The pathogen infiltration starts at the roots and once it’s worked it’s way up the plant causing wilting and necrosis, it’s easily spread to surrounding plants.

For the remaining plants, you can try applying Trichoderma harzianum & Bacillus subtilis (Serenade) for the Fusarium/Pythium, as well as the potential botrytis. This combo works extremely well for various fungal/bacterial pathogens.


Suffoil x will do the trick it’s a spray that smothers them , can spray up to a week before harvest with no noticable effects and still pass testing (at least in Michigan)


I am stupid I did not read

Someones answered it

Form of soft rot so yes toss imo

Anything bud rot or rot anything throw out

I deal with it all to often in my state right now especially. Toss it, sanitize your entire grow and yourself as well before going inside or near other vegetation.

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I third this, I’ve had this happen when they molded out from to much moisture or molded and froze