Weed sprayed with... something. can I clean it up?

Hi all

I am from an Illegal country so my starting material is bought from Plugs. Yup, that’s where we’re at in this country. 2020… anyway.

So my plug screwed me over. I always take a small portion of every batch, press small nug to see what I’m in for and what I should expect.

I pressed the nug, collected the strangely sappy Rosin and Dabbed it to find there is a lot of shit at the bottom of my banger and it tastes like Diet coke that has been boiled.

Looking at the way it bubbled and settled I am convinced this shit is full of sugar. The buds are tiny but weigh in very high. I know this taste anywhere. When I was a kid I poured diet coke over sauna stones. Same same.

My question is, if I run an extraction and winterization will I filter out the impurity and salvage the THC?


Hot hot did you dab it.

Any photos aid.

Can’t say exact temp. I put a second ball in the banger cold and heated gradually to monitor it’s behavior. It gave off the sugar scent and left a lot of residue afterwards that would not come off even with isopropyl.

It was horrible.

I am so sorry I cleaned out my stuff last night out of sheer anger without taking any photos.

If you are convinced it is sugar, dissolving in a nonpolar solvent would be better. Whether that is your issue or not can be sorted out by answering these gentlemen’s questions I imagine


LLE with methanol/hexane?

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All I have are an open blast tube and some Pyrex. I was hoping the Winterizing might catch the impurities by freezing the sugar out.

Flower and wax can have high levels of sugars naturally. I’ve seen baking soda and pine rosin as an adulterant in flower and wax. I’ve never seen artificial sweeteners. That seems totally bizarre to me.


Probably don’t even need the methanol. Water/brine wash against heptane/hexane cleans sugars right out


This seems absolutely fucking bizzare to me. But this smell and taste is exactly what I’ve experienced in the past with boiling soda. I don’t get what’s happening.

The buds are so small and weigh in so high. The bag had two different batches in it. Some normal some with the impurity. two same size nugs weigh in at 2:1. ones 0.,5 the other 1g. the 1g bud so tiny.

If you can get your tane and materials cold enough you would probably not dissolve very much of the sugar. If it is covering the trichomes because they were sprayed with some sort of syrup though your yield will likely be poor


I 100% have seen illegal growers, spray sprite via a paint sprayer onto flower to increase weight and ‘sparkle’… maybe they uses crc’d Diet Coke… :wink:


I’ve seen crazy shit done to make the sparkle with growing them. Not spraying.

20+ yrs back, in Detroit, scammers would dust bags of herb with coke to get the return customers thinking they got some bad ass reggie weed.

I got one of those bags before


thank god ive never seen any of this. I guess this goes with having the same person i buy herb off of for over 22 years. call me loyal… :man_shrugging:


Crushed glass anyone

Maybe it was sprayed with toxic d8.

Theres 2 or 3 threads to show how to scam.


Drop some flowers in vinegar and see if it bubbles up. Lots of scammers using baking soda in illegal states.


This is easy enough to try

The safest thing I can do really is just use it in my dry herb vape and hit it at low enough tempts to just vape the THC and leave the rest. Luckily I have multiple methods of ingestion :wink:

Lets see hyaa we got d herb vape, concentrate vape, dabby rig, clean carts… jayyyyy papers…

I guess the other thing you could do would be to just wash the herb. Plenty of people do it for outdoor grown bud in dusty areas, maybe boil the water first (allow it to cool obviously) and re-dry it quickly. If they really sprayed sprite or baking soda on it it will still burn/vaporize but it would also easily dissolve and wash off.