Weed Bonsai?!?

Heyo! I saw a thing on Reddit and it got me kinda inspired. I’ve always liked the idea of bonsai. As well as just having some nice fresh nugs around at all times.

Has anyone done this before?

Can anyone recommend strains?

I want some really nice and colorful plants :slight_smile: nice leaves and stuff. Make it real artisinal looking




I’ve seen some of these as well and I really would like to get something like this going- aside from being a lovely art form … people would eat these up on a retail market


Start a seed, at week 3 bend it over and tie it to the ground, take bottom 2 nodes off. Wait 2 weeks then flower, (if you want it really small, u can stunt the growth using cheap lights until you hit flower time), then give it good lighting.
U dont need a specific strain. If anything u want a broad leaf “indica dominant” variety, that stays short. Flowering time is probably your preference, (I honestly would prefer a crazy long flowering time, just so its displayed longer)
To scale up, start seeds in the dirt pods, when u get to week 3, put the pods on their side so the plant corrects upwards. Week 5, transplant and put the pod in the upright position, then flower


I used to utilize a technique called “main-lining” in my grow. It always made beautiful bonsai-like plants. Copper wire is your friend when training them early. You can literally mold every single branch to your liking. Just be careful when switching to flower if you let it veg for a super long time. Good flower development doesn’t happen on the woody, older growth as well.


I wanna just have it growing all the time. Not just a single grow cycle but more like just having it chill, maybe pick off a few buds here and there. See if I can do multiple cycles on the same plant.

Not too concerned about yields, just wanna have some bombass artsy plants all the time.

Can anyone recommend really colorful strains? Either in leaf or bud?

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Imo, looks pretty neat, but 100% a time wasting idea. I already spend 4-6hrs in the garden 7 days a week. This will just add to my work load.

It would be ideal for a grower who has lots of free time, and only grows a few plants for personal.

Idk about a continously flowering plant, it’s not gonna look pretty when it reveges after it flowers.

If you want something new and colorful.
I have a strain I developed that has green ontop of the leaf and maroon below.
Gummy Punch by Sunoma Seeds.

Even the lower nugs are full of color.

These are pics of outdoor organic grown plants btw.


In Canada were allowed to have 3 plants for personal growing. So I just wanted to have some nice plants around my lab. Just to play with and take care of. More of a small personal art project :slight_smile:

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Do you have any feminized seeds? Just want 1-2

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Photoperiod regular seeds only, sorry. Feminized projects will start next year with our F3 generation


the colors come out towards the end of flowering, so you’ll only see colors when it’s pretty much ripe and also it’s generally strain dependent and also dependent on temperatures.

Once it revegges, you’ll have a pretty ugly looking plant too. I don’t think cannabis is a good plant to try this on unless it’s just for shits and giggles.

That describes the majority of growers, commercial growers are not super common like these sites would make it seem

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just have me grow them, I promise you they’ll be tiny :rofl::joy::sweat_smile:


I create canna bonsai s all the time. cool gift for friends (and they think it takes a long time… )


I’ve thought about doing it for trade shows. Bringing full sized plants isn’t feasible.

Also, I keep my males really small.

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I just have to say that’s a really novel concept! Hadn’t even realized this was possible. Props to the grower!

Bonsai is just old men torturing plants.

Carry on

Isnt that how theyre supposed to look? :laughing:


I just wanna have a few little trees round my lab. Maybe pull off a bud or two on occasion. Have a nice smell. If I have a few minutes of downtime, prune and train them a bit. :slight_smile:

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How ya gonna make them flower w/o 12/12? Unless autos, but those shouldnt be messed with.

I’ve never grown weed lol :joy::joy:

I just wanna have some nice Lil ladies to take care of and they’ll take care of me

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