We have the Best Terpene Blends and Flavors on the market. I'll prove it!

Is your company building flavored vape products for the retail market? As @Graywolf mentioned before, Extract Consultants is the leader in flavor add-back, known for innovative, high quality products, excellent customer service and thorough regulatory support. If your expectations aren’t being met through your existing terpene and flavor supplier, please contact me directly.

We’d love the opportunity to show you why Extract Consultants is considered to be the leader in terpenes and flavors. Over a century in the essential oils business all speaks for itself when you get a chance to taste and smell our products.

Not only have we gone to great lengths in strain development, but the Solven Free ‘Terpene Flavors’ we offer are built to the same strict standards as our Solvent Free Terpene Blends and also contain natural aromatic materials such as esters, aldehydes and ketones, in addition to terpenes. These ingredients are common components of many essential oils, and critical elements to the natural aroma and flavor of fruits and plants.

Please see the attached Product Guide for easier browsing of the lineup, also feel free to check out the website and find some favorites you want me to send as samples.

If you haven’t tried us before and you would like a few free samples please email the info below to adam@extractconsultants.com

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Please include -

  • 3-5 products you would like to sample
  • Full Name
  • Copany Name/Website
  • Phone Number
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Example regulatory compliance:
Apple Jack Flavor regulatory product data sheets can be found here:


** Extract Consultants was established by an essential oil, aroma chemical and sensory expert with a passion for unlocking the science behind flavors, aromas and effects. Our team of internationally renowned chemists and formulators is combined with facilities that house the most advanced processing equipment in the essential oil and flavor industries. We hold a deep understanding of terpene and flavor technology and are dedicated to its continual exploration. **

**We are the premier provider of flavors, isolated terpenes, terpene blends, essential oil blends, and effect blends. **

**All of our products are specifically designed to work in very minimal amounts with low add-back rates that maintain uniformity, taste, and effect. We source our ingredients from only the highest quality suppliers. Our advanced processing equipment and lab testing confirms purity and consistency to ensure that our products deliver every time. **


I’m a fan! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


What makes them different than the others on the market?


Really like that you addressed the elephant in the room safety of terpenes head on and didnt wait to be asked on ingredients. Also really like the design choice of the images displaying expected flavors and aromas to make it easier for custies.

Definitely got my attention with the post will have to check you guys out!


Can confirm. Hands down the best terps I have used!
Absolutely amazing customer service, they even touch base once your product has arrived to answer any questions & ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.
Bob took to time to take my call & answer all of my questions. He even included some free samples!

The sunset sherbet, wedding cake, cannalope haze, strawnanna, garlic cookies, girl scout cookies & blueberry are some of my picks!

They are so transparent & I believe it’s important to know where your suppliers are sourcing their products from.

Pro tip:

If you don’t want to make up a big batch of carts before experiencing the flavour then add a couple drops to your essential oil diffuser! The whole room will be smelling fantastic, full on aromatic and therapeutic feel! Just the smell is healing to my soul!


I’m happy to jump on a call with you and my management team if you really want to get down and dirty on some specifics. But, for everyone else who reading this too:

The most obvious difference to me is that our parent company has been supplying the food and beverage industry with flavors and essential oils for over 100 years. Now we have brought those flavors over to the cannabis world, not tried to match them. One of the first customers was Wrigley gum and we sourced their Spearmint for them. So if you truly want a “fruit punch” flavor that tastes exactly like the Capri Sun version and not a random bunch of candy flavors… I have that real flavor for you. Bomb Pop popsicles… you wont believe me until you smell this one yourself, so many memories in a little bottle! The andes style mint and chocolate flavor as well as the Bavarian Custard are so accurate that you will have to stop yourself from slathering them on a donut before you can get them into your products.

Some terp companies use around a dozen isolates to make terpene blends that are supposed to smell like canna strains. But we have over 3000 isolates to work with. We are truly sourcing the components from all around the world and using flavor scientists to produce blends with these terpene flavors that also contain natural aromatic materials such as esters, aldehydes and ketones, in addition to terpenes, to get a much richer and more elite experience.

We let the product speak for itself, once you get them in your vapes and edibles you won’t have any more questions about the quality.

The service is going to be the next most important factor because we are all starting to find that our distillate and BHO is all compliant and pesticide free, ready for the market, and then a lot of these terp and flavor add-back companies have banned molecules inside or no COAs at all to speak of. They won’t be allowed into a reputable lab when the US switches to “fully legal” and starts demanding compliance testing from every processor.

We can batch test to produce CoAs on custom blends. Oh yeah, we can custom blend and private label. Or we can get a sample of a terp blend or favor you are already working with and try to match it, again because we have a full lab and team of experts.

Many pharmaceutical companies buy these isolates from us for FDA and DEA approved medicines… so I think that is a good starting point for building trust in us for the canna markets.

Oh, and yes, if you would like to place an order through me for flavors or blends you already know you need, please always include a list of some samples you want to try too and I’ll get them added to the order!


I’m interested

Are these hemp derived?

No they are not.

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Rise of the flavorzone.


Great info. Thanks.

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Super happy with terpsraw, @qma, & now trying fatdogs. All canna or hemp derived. Easy on the palate & throat. If your a quality type of guy/gal those 3 are your goto. Personally never cared for flavors or botanical derived Terps. Smoke if ya gotem & smoke what you want. YMMV


Never mind then

I need new strains in HDT

@GummyJ @CapitalismSucks420 we love canna and hemp derived too, we just can’t rely on those to pass compliance testing all of the time or consistently batch to batch. Also, if you poll your customers you will find that many folks need a discreet option for vape that wont stink up the area, and even the heady consumers still like to have yummy flavoring options that can provide that discretion for travel, etc.

Getting the right flavors is the key though, shallow flavors can really turn people off to the subject as a whole. And most terp companies are getting away with a “close enough” approach to flavor profiles and just giving the rest of us a bad name.

We are taking the strain profiles a lot more seriously than most companies too, I think you should give them both a try.


Thank you so much for the kind words. Bob is truly an honor to work alongside of.

Thanks for your order! Keep a heads up for the email with tracking info today or tomorrow. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


Thanks for offering free samples. I am tired of being ripped off paying for trash samples. Would not try your company otherwise.

I also think 2 ml is overboard for a sample and wish companies would do .25 or something. 40 bucks when all I need is less than .1 ml to test. Companies would do far better just offering 20 free .25 samples. Once we find a good one we don’t change and order bulk of it.

The opposite should be true. A flavoring intended for food or beverage should never be carried over for this exact purpose.

Yes, cannabis produces its fair share of aldehydes, ketones, esters, etc so replicating a flavor to make a common food flavor is fine for what it is but this should be done using similar ranges as to what has been tried and true in cannabis. A flavor made for food and beverage will taste better but contain exponentially higher levels of these other types of compounds. The flavors you’re describing were made for candy, gum, beverages. Not designed with the idea of pyrolysis, pulmonary toxicity, etc.


I didn’t mean to conflate the two. You are 100% correct that our blends are all designed to be vaped, and we aren’t using the EXACT flavoring from the food and bev world. I’m trying to say that we have the bank of knowledge and compounds to use when creating our vape-able products.


In your other post you boasted about having a custard flavor that tastes exactly like Bavarian custard. If you are making a custard flavor then you are not using flavors designed for vaping. That will always contain diacetyl, acetylpropionyl, or acetoin with a ton of aldehydes.


I’m speaking to the accuracy of the vape flavoring, I’m not trying to say it’s literally a custard flavoring meant for custard. Nothing contains Diacetyl or Acetoin. They would be ideal for Bavarian custard, you is correct. But we do not use those ingredients that have been called out.

I agree with where you said “replicating a flavor to make a common food flavor is fine for what it is but this should be done using similar ranges as to what has been tried and true in cannabis.”

And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Here is the Custard flavor compliance sheets:
TBMCT06.1907000403.NaturalBavarianCustardFlavor-MCT.pdf (426.9 KB) TBMCT06.SDS.NaturalBavarianCustardFlavor-MCT.pdf (548.8 KB) TBMCT06.TDS.NaturalBavarianCustardFlavor-MCT.pdf (892.7 KB)