We are trying to save people from vaping crisis

My name is Tony from China ,who devote myself into cannabis industry and hope more people can improve both their mental and physical life.

I still have hope in my heart, much appreciate you and all members in your team and your hard work to human health ,because of you ,many people live a better life .

Many bad media and news catch my eyes about Vaping Crisis. Many people started to scare about vape due the incerasing amount of death and sickness.

All people in the industry are doing the right things. While Trump Said we have to make sure the vape device be SAFE to ALL. Challenge for all of us is to have SAFE and HEALTH device.

As a man who believe in " the GREATEST sales are those who help others to make their dream come true ,while others will help them ".

Reagrding this vaping crisis ,i still believe and full of hope ,the market will come into a bright future and more and more regulation will help to clean the counterfiet out off market.

California doesn’t ban the vape as long as the cartridge pass the heavy metal test, most states ban flavour vape but CBD cartridge is still allowed to be sold in store.

Poeple need safe cartridge! I believe that more and more consumers will choose safer and clean products.

Regarding future ,we believe as long as the catridge is safe,the extaction/oil is safe ,the business will continue,the market will become huger even better than the past.

Snowman cartridge

One years ago ,we started to develop a all-ceramic design which has no metal in the oil tank.

And such a new design pass the heavy meta test in California even it has been filled 30 days with cbd oil which contains terpenes.

Medical Ceramic ctenter post:
The lab told us they are amzing that no atomizer has yet achieved this result.

ONE of biggest brand cartridge DISTRIBUTOR already work with us, they will order 3,000,000 PCS /Month ,the number will reach to 6,000,000 PCS /Month when they expand the market .

And our product will be massively product at October.

I am writing this email to you not because i can get orders from you,I want to help more people out off vaping crisis and buy a safe ,reliable cartridge.

Novel is a company who aim to make the world better adn healthier.

We look forward to gather your help to make the world better.


Where can someone purchase these carts for personal use?

Will there be anyway to purchase small amounts of these?


Do you have a pic of these carts?


Its in the OP it says snowman cartridge

Are these threaded carts, Ironman?


Looks like it the pics on the ig post.

Your correct. You can see the helix angle of the threads on the center post.

We learned our lesson with threaded ceramic. You should have used threaded steel @tonystark

Probably start with manufacturing products that don’t fume toxic heavy metals when heated up?

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BTW iron man, it seems it’s not the cartridge but the battery that is the problem. It’s a nice angle though to try and slide into the market.


Woah how would the battery be causing the problem?

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@Chewwie . One of a thousand possibilites


The vapor pressure of Cadmium/Cadmium Oxide is way too low at standard operating temperatures for vapes for this to be a concern, especially considering the levels of cadmium that are used in vape cartridges.


I think this latest focus on Cadmium is just adding more noise. I understand that people are frantically looking for answers, but this one just doesn’t make any sense to me. Welders that experience metal fume fever are exposed to much higher concentrations of cadmium due to the high temperatures they work with.

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yes ,thread

The previous thread has design defects, but now this improved thread, we have reduced the diameter of the thread to ensure the fastening

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Some batteries contain cadmium, which does pose a risk of disease.

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That’s why we’re designing atomizers with very little metal

do they use silver solder? if so, is it specifically cadmium free silver solder?


Anyone try these yet? I’m thinking about buying these or the ones from @Ascent

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