Wax/budder/sugar methods without vaccum oven

Could anybody give me a method for wax/sugar/budder

I do not have a vac oven but I do have a vac chamber and pumps

These are the products I have

Glass extraction tube
Vacuum chamber / pump
40-50c heat mat
Pirex dish
Butane (open blasting)

Can we keep these to one thread? No need to create a new account/thread to ask the same questions.


My other thread I where looking for reasons why my oil where coming out dark

This thread I’m looking for advise on different methods on how to make wax/budder

Also didn’t fancy waiting 24 hours to make another post I want to get going as soon as possible lol just looking for a correct method I did ask on one of my other threads but go no reply’s

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Make rosin instead


Not yet it isn’t….and there are already more of those than is helpful

At least learn where to post. ‘Cause while open blasting might be your current business plan, it does not qualify as “cannabusiness” for the rest of the folks using this place.

I suggest you spend some time searching.


If you were actually LOOKING there are dozens of appropriate threads to get you pointed in the correct direction.

If you can’t evaluate “is this question likely to have been asked & answered already”, and then go DIGGING for the answers or at least figure out the right place to request clarification, then I agree with @Cascade_hemp, start with squish.

Because nobody wants you to end up a “used to heat marijuana extract” statistic Traditional market busts/news - #515 by pdxcanna


I’m concerned for your safety as well. You should probably


Please don’t open blast. You can wash until you can spend a little money to do this more safely. Being in a hurry can be fatal to you and people around you. Take a breath. Read 10x more here than you’ve read so far and really think about what you’re up to. :heart:


Another disadvantage of making that second account is that you will only receive notifications for the user you are logged in as.

So when logged in as @Smokeyjoe2023 you will miss responses aimed at @ShadowtegaN1 (and vice versa)…

Which will likely slow down your progress rather than speed it up.

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blast into your pryrex dish, cover with plastic wrap and leave it at room temp for a week in a ventilated area

ill let everyone else handle the safety talk


You’ll off gas most of your solvent but all the junk in the shitty butane will be right there in your extract.


*Yummmy! Benzene!