Water Soluble

What stage do you need to take your hemp to in order to manufacture water soluble CBD, and does anyone have the SOP?

Isolate and no sop available some treads with lots of info
And a great search bar on site

That’s not quite true- I can make water soluble with disty, just ordered gear to do it in house instead of outsourcing like we have been for the past six years.


Sop ? And can you achieve 40% solubility ?
We’re the company’s that did it for you willing to work with disty ?

Ultra sonic or what? Also what’s the scoop on that lavender denatured alcohol I wanna use it for an alcohol stove lol

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There is not a single hemp or canna processor in the USA who has been approved for an SDA permit. At least that is what my pharmaco-aspen rep told me and they are the largest remitted of federal excise tax in the nation so I am pretty sure they have the scoop on it.

I hate ultrasonics more than you will ever know.

I have an eternity of making lattes for the devil in hell already lined up, I don’t need to practice in this world. Shit makes my eyeballs hurt.


I know your not selling the lav denat alcohol I just wanna know the source pretty please!! :pray:

Edit: I wanna know what kinda gear you have for water soluble too lol

This is a liposome/Micelle technique so absorption is enhanced- no need for heavy loading. We bottle at 250mg per oz potency, can load higher but haven’t needed to.

Now that I have the tools here I am gonna be doing a LOT more R&D with the stuff, expect posts n stuff soon, probs gonna do what I always do and rip everything apart to reverse engineer it and build replicas from crushed glass and sticks n rocks n stuff.

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Pharmaco-aaper has lab denatured but good luck getting the TTB to give you a permit- they really like taxing us.

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250 mg per oz sounds great!

On a separate note I just want to use the alcohol for an off grid stove lol

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250 mg/oz…what’s it taste like? Do you see soap bubbles and extreme bitterness?

I don’t use plastic based surfactants or quillaja either (shit is gross tasting, ditched that a long while back) and we blend with a lotta synergistic herbs in formula, so the flavor tastes like plant medicine… bitter- but not due to the cannabinoids or their preparation.

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if you are off grid you should just be fermenting your own fuel with a TTB permit, theyre free and easy to obtain

That sounds like a fantastic idea thank you kind sir.

To get any kind of water soluble product, you most likely have to have an emulsion or some kind of complexing/encapsulating agent. With a special emulsion system, we’ve been able to formulate at 50 mg CBD / mL of emulsion.

Assuming 29 mL per oz, that’s 1450mg/oz

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Just figured I would share that while I can’t find my other phone I read a little something that was like 125mg warm thc and 3.5g dextrose monohydrate(1g thc to 1oz dextrose) and an even distribution made it a water “soluble” thang.
In a rush and can’t remember where it was, but I believe my ratio is correct, maybe it was a patent


maltodextrin not dextrose monohydrate

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