Water soluble distillate in Mchigan- is anyone making this?

is anyone making water soluble distillate? thanks

Why are you specifically looking for distillate that’s been made water soluble?
Decarbed cannabinoids not enough for you?
I’m curious because it doesn’t sound like you know what you’re asking for and I’d love some clarity…?


Generally speaking water sol is usually used in drink mixes

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It sounds possible you aren’t thinking about what water solubility will be used for.

I’m with @Xtractek; it’s hardly “distillate” after being cut far enough to achieve “water soluble”…

eg: Water Soluble(Nano Emulsified THC SOP)

I would say “water soluble THC” (or cannabinoid of choice) would make more sense as a descriptor at that point.



Possible, of course. I’m just more curious WHY specifically distilled cannabinoids. Is there a specific reason OP wants distilled cannabinoids made water soluble? I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking…