Warm Ethanol Extraction Time


Its one of those days where I need 1 little piece of info and I can’t find it for the life of me. Doing quick calculations on a room temp ethanol extraction time. The thing I can’t find is the average soaking time. There will be some agitation. Just need an about #.

Thanks in advance



5 min does the trick Cryo so 2 min should be enough with agitation still would do 2 rinses do



Thanks for the info. Exactly what I needed. And we do have a second wash planned.



And just like that - a business plan was born.



:100: game plan

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Im still using a paint mixer on a drill in a bubble bag and I stir for about 3 minutes or so.

Takes a lot of filtering and dewaxing though



You’re gonna need to base your time on your input material. Once the alcohol gets the cannabanoids it starts moving onto chlorophyll and wax. Lower yield stuff will need to be faster.



I’ve been doing warm ethanol extraction in 5gal buckets.

My procedure goes like this: wash 16lb total into 5gal ethanol, 3min soak time, washing 1lb at time in 5gal 220 bubble bag and then spin drying in panda and adding recovered alcohol back into bucket.

I’ve been pulling a lot of green and filtering/winterizing has been pretty tedious.

I’m about to switch to extracting at -33c with stainless steel stock pots inside a cheest freezer with the panda in the chest freezer as well.

The plan is to dunk the 1lb bags into the stock pot of -33c ethanol stir and let soak with lid closed to cheest freezer then open just to put the bag into the panda, let spin dry and drain into pryex dish with the panda/Pyrex dish inside the closed chest freezer.

I’m hoping by keeping everything inside the cheest freezer and filtering 1gal at a time straight out of the freezer through my 50l Buchner any particulate will be removed before the ethanol warms back up.

Only thing I’m not quite sure about is how these colder temps will affect my soak times, I’ve read everywhere in between 2min to 1hr soak time for cold ethanol extraction.

Can anyone please give me some advice for proper soak time at -33c?



I do cryo dry ice soaks for up to 40 mins, and always get liquid gold, and absolutely zero need for any winterization. Just filter thru buchner funnel with celite 545.



Whats the minimum soak time you think I could get away with at -33c without affecting yield too much?

I’ve gotten used to just doing the 3 minute soak time and increasing it to 40min would dramatically reduce how much I could get done in a day. Really hoping to continue to extract at least 64lb in one day and with 40min soak time it wouldn’t be possible.

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Imo, a 3min cryo soak can and most likely will leave quite a bit of thc behind.

I did a 25lb biomass to 25 gallons, soaked, washed, spun in panda, and filtered in 9hrs. All by myself. With at least 1.5hrs of BS time as u didnt fully setup before.

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Nice, I’m thinking I’ll get 8 stock pots, 4 chest feezers and another panda.

This will allow me to soak 8lbs at once for 40min using all the stock pots and spin dry two of the bags out at the same time.

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I have 2x 40qt and 2x 20qt (from HD) SS stock pots i use, and many bubble bags from eb@y. 2 panda spinners, but I only use 1.

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Just realized your doing 25lbs biomass into 25gal ethanol.

Do you think I could pull off 64lbs into 40gal? (8x 5gal ethanol in 6gal stock pots)

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-33C is a tough temp iT s not enough to leave chlorphyl behind
That only starts to happen at -67C so hard to tell what to do but keep the soak short and 2 wash right away

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Thanks everyone. We have some pretty innovative plant designs. Just putting the numbers to it. Hope to start build out in a couple months.



cro dry? what is dry? just curious



Dry Ice - it appeared to have been a typo.



I’m not understanding your question



At room temp 40 min soak is max, this picks up alot of undesirables, useful if your diving in deep for all your cannabinoids and willing to scrub/filter then if going to distillate winterize with methanol