Viva la Mexico!

USA is about to be the meat between a legal weed sandwich.


Lol idk how many times ive seen this.
But if its legit, ive got 300 acres ready to go in michoacan.
Already got lime pickers for the labor and well is setup to irrigate the whole mountain if we wanted


Fuck it, I’ll move to Mexico.


Is that on the 99 year lease or are you a citizen? This may be good enough reason for me to get the paperwork finished up for my citizenship. I’m thinking somewhere in Nayarit down by the beach sounds nice.


Im a dual citizen :sunglasses::sunglasses: since i was 10.
My dad runs the land now and we are in good standing with the local chief, there is some cartel shenanigans a couple miles away but its michoacan, thats everywhere

Nayarit beaches are so nice, find ones next to small local towns, fuck the tourist ones, yeah there pretty but way to much to deal with. When i was younger we would drive from ca to michoacan along the coast every summer, and once u hit nayarit, its like wow! Theres sea turtles nesting on some of them too.

Obviously i would try to stay away from weed idk how thr cartel will like it if u did fields of thc. Maybe just do hemp for a year or two to feel it out


You can apply right now for a license to: cultivate, “merchandising”, or import/export through COFEPRIS. Gotta satisfy their pharma requirements which I have to read more into.

Right now there is no cap on foreign investment as a % of the license, but there is expected to be one of 49% in the new regs. Definitely something to look into now!


Damnn yea dude central America is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Have to be super careful with weed there. If they know you are making money there will be issues. The stories I could tell…

Family bought a 10,000 square foot house/hotel for cheap in an american/canadian area of honduras 15 years ago. House is fucking beautiful. Pool, multiple courtyards, like 13 betrooms, etc. Was designed by a famous painter who built it as a home. Housing market crashed and we never got around to making anything of it.

If hemp or weed become legal there and anyone wants to move to honduras I would gladly let you live there for free if you fixed it up.


I just want cannabis legal so I don’t worry about going to Mexican prison for personal consumption. Haha. I already have enough to deal with. Don’t need to add the cartels to that list. Haha.

Nayarit is where my family is from (before most of them moved to Baja). I’d like to be near my people’s traditional home in the mountains but living on those beautiful tropical beaches. I’m super anti-social (yet somehow very sociable), so zero desire to live near anything remotely touristy. I’d be hoping for something closer to subsistence living at that point. One can always dream.


Yup haha. Some of the cartels won’t fuck with you if you are a small fish. Some will. Best to avoid those situations if possible.


Launch the weed cannons!!

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Visiting central American countries is one thing but living there is another. Once they get wind of the rich American you will need protection. Its not only the cartels that are hungry as you will be an easy target in a third world country.


You’re not wrong as many Americans have faced negative consequences on their vacations and visits or relocation. Many other Americans however have done remarkably well for themselves in adapting.

I wouldn’t move down there without some serious Spanish classes.

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Thats why i wouldnt set it up to make money for me persay, what i would do is have majority of it go to the villages, they can do what they want from it for money or medicine.
I mean hemp isnt worth anything anymore, so i would much rather setup infrastructure to process the hemp into raw materials like hemp, paper, etc that again the villagers can use to make some money.
Remember seeing all those old dudes and granmas making sandles from old leather and hustling it on the side of the street, give em hemp and have em make some mexican birkenstocks!
echo en mexico
Con Cañamo
They make like 100 pesos (4.50) from selling u leather shoes, u could easily get more for hemp.

Like i said we are in very good realtions with the chief and its my dads home town, so it would be dope if we could bring this economy to his people


*Multiple Spanish Class Certificates

:rofl: and tan ALOT maybe even spray tan, either get really good at ur accent, or just tan ur self up, dont go too dark they dont like native amaricans down there either

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I believe they call that Medium

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Looks like it made it passed the senate.

Mexico’s next steps include:

  1. Approval by the lower legislative chamber.
  2. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador signing the bill into law, assuming he has no objections.

The country was ordered by the Supreme Court to approve a law by Mid-December.

Anyone expecting revenue opportunities in the near term should not get their hopes up.

After the law is approved, and before any sales can take place, a cannabis agency must be established and secondary rules written.


My home town bro thats wus up

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I’d definitely recommend the tanning and getting the accent down :joy:

Me and a friend from Tijuana are waiting for everything to get sorted out cause I fucking miss Mexico and would love to setup down south

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You think that’s the case in Costa Rica? There’s a pretty decent expat community there