Viton Sealed Full Ceramic & Quartz Cartridges + Disposables Now Available

X-75 Viton Black Small
Above: X-75 With Viton Upgrade
That’s not a render, it wobbles slightly because I’m not the best at doing 360 photography!

This is the new 1.0mL Full Ceramic + Quartz Cartridge from Ascera

Why do we think these are the best tanks?
High quality quartz coil, encased by organic unbleached Japanese cotton, and in turn encased in a inert zero-impurity refined glass ceramic chamber. Viton on either side removes ANY remaining sources of exposed surfaces that could potentially leach harmful toxins into your product, such as silica, or heavy metals.

We GUARANTEE this is the best flavor you have experienced in a tank. Our low-temp low-ohmage quartz coil is designed to work specifically with voltage ranges from 2.0-3.0, to deliver a heady toke that respects the terpenes, but still has great performance at high voltages for large tokes!

This same exact tech is also available in sleek disposables:

X-75 Disposable_sm
Again, it wobbles because I’m not the greatest at this.
The disposables are ready for pre-order and they arrive very soon. They don’t have a spot on the site yet, so consider this a sneak-peak preview.

We’ll be releasing public pricing and full white label / OEM options soon. But for now, you can DM me here or contact us through our website to inquire early. We’re happy to send samples and turn heads!




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About to do an order of 1000 for a client, send me samples and they might be yours

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Didnt you post a few days ago with the triangle intake?

I posted introducing the brand, as it’s quite new.

Since then, these two new SKU’s have been finalized. The Disposable isn’t even ON the website yet. Like I said at the bottom, this is literally a “sneak peak” at the disposable!!

As for the Triangle Intake vs Round - They’re basically 2 variants of the same cartridge, although we prefer the triangle because flat bottomed aspiration holes make a LOT more sense than a circle with almost no ground-level exposure.

We also don’t offer screw-on Triangle tanks :frowning:

At least… not yet!


I put in an entry in the contact form. Interested in snap top and the triangle intakes.

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Thanks! I see the form entry!

We’ll be following up soon!


Woohoo! Finally some FKM!


send some samples on…would love to try them out

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Took a lot of arguing and sourcing. We just got confirmation of White Viton O-rings from a large supplier, so we’ll be offering the Viton upgrade in White as well, which will complete our beautiful white - on - white look. :wink:


Now thats sweet.


These look like wolkenteks, do they source from you?


Hard agree. We’re waiting on the first batch to arrive. I’ll snap some photos.

I think it’s going to look extra sexy when we pair them with the Jewellery Ceramic White Mouthpieces we have.

There’s a pearlesque luster to this high grade ceramic that truly is beautiful!!

Photography is also hard :frowning:


They are the same cart from my experience. I believe @qma has confirmed this somewhere.

I ordered 100 from


Wolkentek doesn’t sell Triangle aspiration hole tanks! And they couldn’t get them even if you asked them to! So, it’s hard to say for sure :wink:

All that aside, Wolkentek are great people, we have a great relationship with them. If you’re buying from them already, then great. We fully support them, and anyone who does business with them is doing good business.

With that said, we’re here in Canada. Our pricing is now on the product pages, in Canadian dollars. If you need USD pricing, you can fill out a contact form or DM me. We’re here to get a quality product out into the market and we’re available almost 24/7 to do it.

Our FAQ page answers most of the commonly asked questions so check that page out first!


They (Ascera) have their own design now with triangular holes.

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How long till ya switch to the white viton?


If you look at just the mouth piece spinning it looks like the rest is standing still.

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I have samples in the way- excited to try them, up against the ascents


let us know how they are. thinking of trying them out as well