Virginia mom charged with murder after 4-year-old eats THC gummies

How did the thc kill the kid? What a shame nonetheless. Keep adult shit away from kids.


Shit that is sad news. Wondering what the effects were that did the little guy in and if it was regular d9thc in the gummies. I’m guessing cardiovascular effects of some kind.

Reminder to parents, always keep your edibles in a childproof container and hide them up high. Honestly I’m thinking gummies/candy may be just too enticing to kiddos and edibles might be best in capsule form.


Wonder what kind of distillate was in it :eyes:


I don’t keep gummies in my house for exactly this reason (my kids manage to get into literally everything). Few times I have bought some I kept them in my shed, that the kids can’t get into. Never thought my kids could die from them, but wouldn’t ever want them to have the experience of getting fucked up high. Cannot even imagine my children going though anything like this. Sounds like the mom didn’t even rush him in for medical attention, insane…

Absolutely terrible, poor kid. Hurts my heart to think about, wanna see my kids now and give them each a big hug. Fucked


Generally, a murder charge has an intent element. But from what I read, not necessarily in Pennsylvania. If a felony is being committed and someone dies, they call that murder.

Anti weed zealots are going to be all over this story and exploit the hell out of it.


I don’t know…I never heard of anyone dieing from edibles…allergic reaction?


There’s at least two other cases of pediatric death, one was d8 one was before conversions were common

There’s also a woman who died in LA taking dabs but I think that might have been an asthma/respiratory thing


I have for sure gotten dramatically increased heart rate from smoking and edibles if my tolerance is low.

I could see it getting bad in kids or adults with heart conditions.


Yes the cannabinoids themselves might not be what kills you but that doesn’t mean other health issues won’t be exacerbated through consumption.

There is probably more of a chance that the excessive THC consumption was the catalyst for something more dire to occur. Similar to having a bad heart or bad asthma but choosing to participate in some physically exhaustive act that causes a severe asthma attack or some kind of heart failure from the stress incurred.

Doing something very physically taxing won’t kill you if you are healthy (let’s just assume this is a true generalization) just like consuming a lot of THC won’t kill you if you are a healthy individual who knows what to expect. If we add in some underlying health conditions, first time experience, etc… now we have a recipe for a potential incident.

That’s what I think anyway.


The sheriff’s office says doctors told detectives that if the boy received quick medical attention, his death could have been prevented.

Wonder what the actual cause of death was. My old neighbors tiny dog got into his edibles and was passed out and for two days before waking up.

I can imagine the kid being unconscious for days leading to other health issues and death.

If only the parents took then kid to emergency room where they could given him fluids and maintained his vitals then the kid would still be alive.


Something is wrong about this story.

We’re they THCP gummies?

Synthetic cbd conversions?

I’m not sure you can eat enough gummies to die…
If it is organic sourced THC.

You would possibly hit a hallucinogenic state that you could not eat anymore…

But one might die from the sugar or food allergy long before any THC toxicity.

Just guessing


Yeah, and the pigs just assumed the child ate thc gummies.
Unless the child was taking thca for epilepsy or something they probably shouldn’t have had thc in their system, but wouldn’t kill someone if it was really thc and not a conversion,


There was an Israeli company that I had a tie with a few years ago that was doing toxicology stuff and they came to the conclusion that it’s the spin of the cannabinoids that make them deadly.

Synthetic is not equal to natural. I’m sure we will discover/be seeing more deaths happen from synthetics.


“Detectives learned that the child’s toxicity levels showed a high level of THC, making detectives believe that the child ate a large number of THC gummies”…key word “believe”

…for fucks sake_ Bad Mom (too easy to access) and really bad detective work. I’m in Virginia and the depts. are still ran by the “good ol boys” so they are desperate to keep retail cannabis from being reality. It’s sincerely a tragedy though. My heart breaks for this child and his family.


That’s sadly not true. The cardiovascular effects of cannabinoids are really problematic at higher dosage.

While it’s probably quite hard to OD on smoked/vaped D9 due to limiting physiological effects of the ROA, OD can be easily achieved orally due to the latency in absorption.


With this, and the industry worker who died,doesn’t it almost feel like…an agenda…?


I dont have the energy to explain… but he’s dead on balls accurate…


i suspect the problem rather to be a lack of facts, not energy :wink:

If the estimate for the LD50 of D9 is accurate at 30mg/kg, a kid of 15kg only needs 450mg. That’s not many edibles at all.


Can you continue that calculation to include the percent D9
In the “gummy”…so we can calculate how much total gummy
A 15kg child would have to eat.
Moreover, the. Studies concerning lethal dose of D9/kg
We’re probably injected bolus or that is calculated by eating?
(Forced gavage).

So how many gummies did this woman have?
10, 50, 100, 1000?
You are ignoring the edible by normal absorption undergoes first pass metabolism…which is significant…and we would need even more data on the composition of the “gummy” to invoke the possibility of lipid lymphatic uptake system.
Roiplex I know you are well aware of all this.

Why don’t we press the officials involved for the blood test
Which indicated high levels of cannabinoid. What were the blood levels of what cannabinoid?(s). Let us find out who made the gummy and whether the child had additional problems.

The child is dead which is a shame…but the concept of eating your way to death with cannabinoids is a dubious concept.

Roi: what is the blood level of D9 that you know to be fatal?
I am just curious…and if the data exits, I would like to become less ignorant.

Sudden cardiac death by smoking a joint? ACS

In all seriousness, I have seen a toke of strawberry banana drop a grown man…with my own eyes…so I am somewhat open minded.