Video codec .MOV file failing in firefox and chrome when not MP4 encoded

@sidco is there a different codec that you can use so that the video uploads work? Or, is there a setting in our phones that can be shared to minimize the annoyance?


Sounds like you own an iPhone? The videos you are likely having issues with are webm?

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Mind linking one of the videos that is giving you trouble?
If you are using the built in web browser app you might have a better experience using Firefox or Chrome

I am using Chrome, too. Occasionally someone’s video and I think mine have done it before, a while ago, where the video has to be downloaded before being able to view.

When I see one I’ll bring it to show


He just wants to see the kinky hose I posted…:shushing_face:

…and kinky hose seems like they could get all sorts of folks in trouble…so it would be nice if all could view, rather than just hear their tortured cries.


Alright, looks like .mov files have multiple encodings, firefox and chrome assume mp4 and when it’s not, it fails. I will look into a way to automatically renencode the videos.
I just did this one manually as a test. If it works @cyclopath should replace it.

7 Likes - usually works for the mobile / online people. Otherwise ffmpeg.

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I’ll just confirm that I also have major issues loading videos. I’d say I see maybe 5-10% of the video but always the audio.

Using android, chromebook, and windows comp on firefox FWIW.

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Not sure the expense is worth it? Compute time or otherwise

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Upload to IG. Delete. Upload reduced photo/video to Future… my cheap solution


A handful of the videos he uploaded are all in this format


@trust_level_4 want to convert these videos, reupload them by editing their post, and if these are new videos maybe we can change the recording format on their phone.
Reminder this isnt a forum problem but a browser incompatible with the recording format.


I got em all to work but 1…seems every video @Diamondalchemy is posting is coming up as mov. Not MP4.

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@Diamondalchemy have you tried changing your recording format / phone settings. If you let us know your phone type we can walk you through it. As of now Firefox and chrome wont play your uploads.

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I’m an ffmpeg connoisseur and if you have it installed - on this server or your local machine (I use homebrew on my mac) you can use this command and it will literally convert any video to mp4

ffmpeg -y -i ~/Desktop/path/to/input/ -c:v libx264 -strict -2 -movflags +faststart -loglevel quiet -threads 2 ~/Desktop/output.mp4 > /dev/null 2>&1

If you could magically run this on every video that gets uploaded, this would, I believe, solve the problem




I’m curious how many of you apple geeks hide in the shadows

Homebrew? Sounds like hackintosh

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I was/am working on a script, but swapping out the videos after conversion is my current hurdle. That is exactly the idea though

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So should we make a thread to ask other members if they see something screwed up or that’s clogging up the thread they could call attention to it

This forum works as fam.l bet if we made one ppl would start calling out the issues just a thought?
They could maybe tag trust level 4 s idk

I just fill like it clean up the place a lot faster with all the users that are already reading through threads. It’s just good service deed kinda thing

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