Vfd wtf

How do I set up this vfd to run my Edward’s 30?

It used to be set up already and now it seems I need to reprogram it.


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Help I’m electrically challenged

What type of VFD? I would like to do some splorin



What function are you trying to program?


I just want to run my pump no clue what I’m staring at. Sorry I’ll start reading that manual

Nevermind, that error code is the low voltage trip error code. You can find more information on page 49. I hope you see this before you start reading!!!


Ok, I had this guy wire it up and he swears 115 v plug is ok even though last time it ran on a 230.

That sounds wrong. The manual specifies at least 208

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Now I’m really curious :popcorn:

Probably have to take a look at that manual.

Your electrician would seem on solid ground based on my reading. I plan on using a VFD tomorrow morning to turn 110 single phase into 220 three phase. My manual suggests it should work with my controller :slight_smile:

a low voltage error on the other hand suggests your controller would at least like someone to explain what it is being fed.

I really should read the manual before guessing further


Page 12 states voltage inputs and outputs

vfd.pdf (9.5 MB)
Heres the manual if it helps, Im on date night tonight. Ill see what i cant find tommorrow, What exactally do you want to program the pump to do?

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Just trying to pull a deep vac on my still

you just want the motor to run balls to the wall?

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Yes lmao ( without breaking it)

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I feel like he is gonna have to do some re wiring

Does it need to be wired too? @Apothecary36 just specified programming. I got to get off 4200 now, my lady is giving me the murder look from across the table!:crazy_face:


Are you running it in something like this?

Whats the teasning for that. Im running sogevac and reason i would not want my Edwards to be running full speed? No one has evwr fiven me a xleara swer as to why i would need rhat

Longevity and efficiency ( I am guessing you are asking why use a vfd)

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