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@that445guy. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with on this as we have briefly discussed this recently.

I’ve just never has the balls to stick my long hard work in jars of water. But I’m certainly in for watching other perform it in the name of science. Lol. Good luck :sunglasses:


Would this only apply to freshly cut flowers or would it be equally effective on already air cured material?

Perhaps followed by a spell in a dehydrator before being frozen and processed via an etoh extraction? :wink:

Or even run through something like a panda, then into the dehydrator…

My mind is just reeling in concepts rn, I need to run some material so freaking bad!


Panda might knock all your goodies off the outside of your nug. I’d avoid agitation. To me this technique would only be rewarding from already cured material. Using fresh material would almost be a crime haha


As I remember for my water cure SOP, I would submerge fresh flower in four times its volume of RO water using a screen with some weight on it to keep the buds filly submerged. The first 24 hrs I’d use a 1% H2O2 over all dilution rate for the entire volume of water to make sure to kill any pathogens, mold, or fungus that might be present and could bloom with the massive introduction of moisture. Keep the container in a colder dark place and change the water every 24 hours and continue on for seven days. After the seventh day place the wet buds on a drying rack with constant air circulation. My buds were always dry to almost powder inside of 24 hrs and almost 20% lighter. The water for the first three days is disgusting but it really starts clearing out after that. I’ve tried less than seven days but you could still taste some chlorophyll and the smoke was still a little harsh. And yes you can water cure already dried bud. I remember reading the Cannabis Alchemist 20 years ago and the author talked about boiling your pot to improve its quality because it rapidly pulls all the water solubles, I never got around to trying it.




Care to elaborate?


Sure. I think he’s using celite to clear waxes first. Because he said that’s what he does.
Then I’m thinking he scrubs ( in his words agitates) with bioadsorbant. Let’s set for awhile.
Then filters again with celite


Possibly Arabic gum?

The pvpp does work, but I will have to fine tune how


He said made from fruit. I know he went back and said something different later but the explanation made little sense. Just a hunch.


That’s what I was thinking. Arabic gum is the only thing that I found that’s used in wine making, as he implies.


What about pectin? Seems to be good at picking up food color for gummies.

Edit: Before I get judged too hard, I have no idea how it would interact with solvents or anything. Just popped into my head.


Thank you for being a new/fresh mind to this

And if I’m correct, arabic gum thickens it’s solution and maybe that’s what he’s filtering it over the celite, is to grab it and what it fines


I can’t seem to find much either. I just started looking though. I just read the thread last night did a bit of digging but mostly reading. In fact all this is new.

I did run into fruit and vegetable peels being used as bioadsorbant. I have not looked further as I’ve been busy. But I wanted to look over that site that someone posted that had various there to see if I could find something similar perhaps.


What’s sparkloid? Something I come across couple weeks ago when I found all the t5 talk about changing color in wine

Said for clarity without losing aromas…

Needed to be left to settle or something when it was talking about it


That may be the same as pvpp or the divergan. Divergan is just a brand of pvpp. I’ll look that up real quick.


Here’s a snippet


It used for hot mixing and meant to be sat for a while. Like a week. Used mostly in meads.

But, it may, possibly, be the reasoning for the “chunky mess” in his Bucher, if it’s being used. @StoneD


Had to ask it’s the only thing on the list no body mentioned!!!

Can’t wait for y’all results!


You guys know we’re only halfway behind the OTSST thread on comments.


And I’m sorta surprised that @Future hasn’t joined in at all on this one. I know you’ve shown interest in the colorless extracts.