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I was starting to get lil sideways at ya bro but now ur starting to look alright!


what was your saturation rate of butane to oil? did you chill your butane/oil solution before filtering?


Didn’t happen… There’s more to figure out here… tried twice with different material and different celite thicknesses and different carbon mixes. It may have helped but in no means was it clear


I think t5 and celite545 are the two needed… a/c dosent seen to do much…


Next stack will be t5 bentonite and celite underneath…


dude have you seen @Soxhlet progress on this in the other thread. Sox is knocking on the door homie.


Lol no I’m reading now… this thread blew up the last week


Lol yeah… where was this shit 2 weeks and 6-1 pound runs ago… well at least I was heading the right direction… wth?


this is what i was going to try this. tell me what you think .

i was going to run 4 9"x3" sleeves frozen on dry ice one at a time.
pack celite, clay or bleach or charcoal , the celite in filter plates(prep nite before)
also start with 25um then on top before celiteand 5 um and finish with 2um filters

run 6 to 7 lbs of 70/30 ntane through each column at -103

would love to figure this out with out post processing

or should i wait to use something else in between the celite or add more filter stacs


Did you not see where @Soxhlet has figured this out couple threads over! It’s new thread as of yesterday! He’s banging the door down!


No waste bro!!!

This what we here for!


If you were going to include celite you should add it as the very bottom layer since it’s just is to help catch small particles.
The use of bentonite will cause floccuation or the aggregation of suspended particles, for example if you used carbon dust to try to clean up your extract bentonite clay will cause the small particles to stick to each other via wlectrostatic forces of attraction and it makes large flakes of aggregated particles. The aggregated particleswill then drop to the bottom of the solution and are easier to filter because the particles are now much bigger.


Remember celite is used for clarity…you’re right…wouldn’t u want to polish one last time as the last step?


Maybe in the beginning too…


Like parenthesis lol


Man that’s what I was missing last night pemdas



If you stalled the butane solution and added t41 the bentonite in the solution would floccuate any proteins that were extracted and make them agglomerate into very large particles, T41 has the added benefit of having carbon already in its composition.

Then if you added a layer of celite at the top of your t5/t41 filter cake as well, you mitigate the contamination of your adsorbent layers because these now larger particles get filtered by the celite on top of the filter column. In @Soxhlet case since your silica gel layer is on top it should extend the life of your filter to some degree.


Yeah, Im gonna keep running this thing and collecting data.Im running it a different way today, cant wait to try the t41 thats in the mail!


I was also thinking if everything was rack mounted i could make individual columns for each of the products I’m going to use.
I have this theory that silica gel and magsil will lend themselves better to this application if it was being packed in a longer smaller diameter tube and I plan on testing this out.