Verifying my winterization/filtration technique

First winterization/filtration- looking for verification I’m not fucking this up. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR TIME AND EXPERTISE.

  1. I warmed my extract to 30c, mixed 10/1 w/ ethanol.
  2. Room temp filtration using just 20 micron coffee filters. Very little if any visible solids removed from solution.
  3. Froze for multiple days.
  4. Filtering again, Celite 545 slurry in the same micron coffee filter with another coffee filter on top to keep the hash solution separate from the filter cake ( I was paranoid about mixing the two.)

I have a ton of light yellow solids that have collected in my filter funnels-like a shit load. Does my process thus far sound correct? Please point out any flaws.

Once this filtration is complete I plan to save the filtered solids (in case I am fucking up), refreeze the hash/eth solution and see if any solids recoagulate, at which point I plan to refilter.



looks sound.
have you read up around here? (seems like it :wink: )

or the definitive


Sounds good.

i would prep a little differently though because from what i’m reading sounds like you prepare your slurry inside of a coffee filter which would allow some of your solution to seep through the sides and flow underneath the coffee filter partially voiding the celite filtration layer.

I would suggest getting filter papers instead and pouring your slurry over that. ; this would allow for a full filtration barrier.


@cyclopath that’s how I got this far! Haha Thanks so much for your reply. Mainly affirming I should have such a large amount of fats- was suprised as I thought the starting pho extract was relatively clean though it wasn’t dewaxed during extraction.

I plan to refilter over silica until no solids are present per @Future ‘s SOP (thank you!) @JHI I was thinking the same as I was doing it- In the future I’ll def use filter papers, believe the ones I have are 11 mic thus why I was saving for second/third filtration to avoid clogs.

A couple questions remain- how thick should my silica filter cake be? Or is it simply important the cake covers the surface of the filter funnel? What micron of filtration does a Celite cake provide?