Verified Seed Slangers

Verification requires:

-2 forum members as references

Simple as that.

Current list:

  • @seth Representing OregonCBD

I like this :+1: cant wait to see what’s available to us


Does it matter if its thc of cbd?


I think it should be open to everything, since all of it can be shipped to all states. I think this is probably going to be focused towards the cbg seed demand right now, but I wouldnt mind putting my THC seed company on here, Sunoma Seeds, were just starting up but have some really fun stuff to grow and explore.

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THC seeds are legal? I honestly have no idea

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All seed are legal souvenir items.


They are exotic bird seeds :wink:


Thc seeds are probably legal if you can legally posess cannabis seed thats viable and youre allowed to grow the seed. Once they grow and can be tested is where the issue would come up. Now that the usda has said seed is legal to transport across state lines its up to them to define that. Nobody is going to have a COA to certify their seed doesnt contain THC because we all know seeds dont contain cannabinoids. Thats why they have seed certification in the first place and its left out of the usda proposed regulations from what I gather.

I would imagine some licensees are required to use certified seed. Some states are not yet required to do so.

I would argue that buying hemp seed that grows out hot isn’t any different than buying THC seeds or whatever u call them theyre legal until you grow them and they produce cannabinoids.


In my state it is illegal to posses any “propagative material” without proper licensure.

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There is zero way to check if it’s a cbd/hemp or a thc plant. I do not foresee any government body impounding seeds, growing them (lmfao!), and then testing them. You would need seed to sale tracking to complete, and I doubt it would hold any weight in court.

Clones included???

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From what I’ve read, all cannanaboids are in the trichomes.

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Following- need some genetics heading into spring for sure