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#Centrifuge,It is available in the US,who wants?No tariff, with UL certified motor.️

Item Model/Manufacturer:China
Description:Brand new unit, with centrifuge filter bag, 80 micron, control screen, warranty, free replacement for any problem within one year.
Price/MSRP: $8600
Current location of item:US
Estimated lead time: 1-3Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: One year

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Is it explosion proof?


have you considered bags that actually fit?

those ones won’t last more than a single spin cycle rubbing on the lid like that.

Yes,it is

I’m assuming is 220v, and a 30lb extractor? Also, can you show a picture of the motor, the video is a bit unclear.

How many Gal?

Sure, it’s 10-15lbs

Full explosion-proof system +UL motor

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Add a few pictures, the machine and controller are all brand new units, one year warranty period, any problems, free replacement, with several filter bags, connected to the chiller, better efficiency, and stainless steel structure, really very durable. :+1: :+1:

Only one in stock in US now

There are some lab media bottles available in Los Angeles, anyone?
Size: 250-500-1000 ML
Material: Sodium calcium/high borosilicate
Caliber: wide mouth/narrow mouth
Price: as low as $1.60

  1. Caps and bottles have good corrosion resistance and heat resistance, they can be autoclaved at high temperature (140°C) and can be reused.

  2. Leak-proof outer cover, O-type drip-proof ring! The cap and the bottle body are completely sealed and leak-proof

  3. With large opening, easy to pour

  4. High quality material, high hardness, high transparency

Delivery photos

The new batch has been sent to Minnesota, we accept orders, various models can be selected from 250ml-500ml-1000ml, wide mouth/narrow mouth, no tariffs, the price is as low as 1.6 dollars, including the risk of break, if you need, please come to me, thank you!

Custom concentration jars, 5ml-9ml, available in stock.

Labs Wide mouth Glass Media Reagent Bottle GL80 1000ml,are widely used in factories,schools,labs,with sealing ring,can withstand high temperature 140 degrees…can customize logo

A new batch of glass bottles will be arriving in LA next week, taking orders, please send me a message.

Arrived, quick delivery!

New packing, very low breakage rate, insurance, who likes it?
Pick up or truck from L.A., deliver to the door

Lab Glass Bottle GL80🔥🔥🔥

Sell in large quantities in Los Angeles,

accept cash deal,Insured, fast delivery,

no tariff,Who needs?🍀🙋🤟🍀🥳

Item Model/Manufacturer:China
Description:Solvent tank for closed extractor
Price/MSRP: $2100
Current location of item:China
Estimated lead time: 3-5Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: One year