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Can you mix uncut distillate with your favorite e-juice ?

if by e-juice you mean vitamin E acetate, then yes, you can, but it’s probably a bad idea. same might be said for PG/VG/PEG or whatever else your e-juice is made of.

how is this “THCa Crystallization”?

go take a look under “Cart Cutters”


Yes, and No. It won’t mix. Pg/vg is water soluble. And is what your ejuice is made from. You can get it to mix with homogenization but it’ll separate. This is with sonication and mechanical. However, sonication does reduce the particle size and a 50/50 mix does stay suspended pretty well but still separates over time. However, you’ll be able to just shake the bottle and it’ll mix back up.

So if it’s for you, sure. Go for it. Oh and your going to kill your coils FYI. If you want to flavor your distillate the best way is to use known and tested essential oils (not lipid oils!!!) Like peppermint, orange, and menthol.


Thx you for the info .

so the “mod” is the box with the batteries. which doesn’t have much relevance to what you’re huffing. it’s the atomizer that counts. diluting great hash with other stuff so you can huff it in the atomizer you have is an approach many have tried. it’s not a win.

you can get an emulsion with PG. you can get that to work in your tank. it won’t work well, and probably won’t work for long.

I used MCT last time I played this game. at 400-500mg/ml cannabinoids…getting 150ml past customs as “bicycle chain lube” worked like a charm…but I ended up adding it to my coffee rather than vaping it, because vaping MCT sucks.

people look at you rather strangely when you take your vape mod out, and pour half the contents into your latte :rofl:

purchasing an atomizer that works for the concentrate you have is a much more satisfying route imo.

try I prefer the ceramic V3 to the stainless V4. even though I tend to break them…


Yes in MCT oil tastes like a plastic bag wrapped around the fish.


This is possible with sonication like others have mentioned. However to keep a stable emulsion, you would need a surfactant to assist with emulsification. I have not found one that I would be personally willing to inhale.

However I have had success with melting distillate with a small amount of PEG (about 2-5%), then sonicating that with a mixture of PG/VG and water based e-cig flavorings. This stayed suspended for about 2 weeks before it separated. Definitely not as potent as a pure distillate/terpene based cartridge, totally a pain to make on a large scale, and you’ll need a fairly powerful sonicator.

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