Vape formulation "mushrooming"?

hey all,

we got some OOH disty in, it tested pretty high but after formulating this keeps happening. any ideas why or how to fix it?

my guess is that is what you are mixing in and heat is darkeneing it and it isnt mixed very well

Did you use a metal tool to mix it? I have seen this in other distillates once you introduce air by the metal tool.


i did, actually


Just by visual, it looks like there was a little layer of air on the tool that induced oxidation. just my 2 cents tho.


OOH disty ? What’s that ?
As for reason yep the metal stirring is the culprit
But the question then arises
Is it oxidation or is it a acid reaction hmm


out of house…my guess it its an acidic reaction and this stuff has been filtered, it was super clear

I’ve seen a similar thing form on the top layer (maybe 5-10mm) of some kilos jars if they’ve sat for too long.

Haven’t seen something like this happen outside of cases where the disty was overheated (like using a heat gun to melt it off of a tool hot), and we use metal tools to mix.

How are you formulating? What tool do you use for mixing and what temp are you heating the disty to before you mix the terps in?

The oxidized product is more dense than the starting product.