Vacuum Oven Temperature

What temperature do you guys set your vacuum ovens at? I have mine set at 81 F.

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That’s a bit low. Should turn out some nice sugar at that temp though. I start mine around 90 and end up below 104f


What solvent are you trying to purge? If butane, whats your end goal/result, sugar, comb, shatter, wax?

For my ethanol purge i do 85*f. I guess i could bump it up a bit


70/30 butane/propane. end goal = shatter.

I purge BHO at 115-120F at down to -29.5" Hg in a thin film until the bubbling slows to a crawl.

The short explanation:

The 115-120F is to ensure the oil is in liquid state for the butane to easily escape the matrix.

The down to -29.5" Hg means I don’t ever pull past this point. I don’t leave the pump running, which would take the vacuum down to -29.9", which I believe is unnecessary as the 115-120F @ -29.5" Hg is deep enough to remove any moisture, and pulling a deep vacuum on and on possibly disturbs the matrix leading to waxing up. I go for shatter, and consider other products unfortunate ‘accidents.’ But feel free to cook up whatever waxes, budders, honeycombs, crumbles you want, just don’t expect me to buy into them as premium grade product.

This process will get you to below the residual butane solvent standards as quickly/efficiently as possible, further purging is unnecessary imo, and I’ve presented a long and thorough case for my opinion in a single thread previously.

“At what ppm can you taste butane?”


Very interesting, thank you.

Do those other states (budder, crumble) occur at higher temps?

Shatter/pull-n-snap=91 deg F.
Wax/honeycomb=120-135 set F.
Crumble=140-150 set F.
Sap=150-170 set F.
All are temps are in Fahrenheit, vacuum set at -29.8 inches of mercury. Happy extracting!
Note:The higher the temperature, the more precious terpenes and flavonoids are lost into the atmosphere. There are different ways you can distill off the terps, and re-introduce them at the end. Or you can buy the organic terpenes and add those to a flavorless oil. You can get them in the same terpene profile as the strain you used, or put in fruity terp of whatever your heart desires. I personally make shatter and lower temp wax to preserve my terps naturally. To each his own.


Typically I go 99.9°F for 3 days with a flip every 12 hours. I rarely go over 103.6°.F. Sometimes I’ll be a little adventurous and go 107.8°F. Usually it’s around 99.9°F -101.3°F for me.


99.9°F flip every 12 hours 3 days.


Could you please share how you make sugar? Thank you, once again

i take a high terpene butane extraction that was recovered at 65F. I recover all my butane. Pour out concentrate on ptfe paper…let it sit in my oven at like -10inhg at 80F for a few days…during the process…ill open the oven and take the trays out and get the oil to move a bit by tilting the trys to try and get it to nucleate. Once that happens…I take that nuclation point and press it to other parts of the slab to by to get it to nucleate there as well… I can usually get a slab of live resin to sugar complete out inside 3-4 days. I dont lose a lot of terps cause i just straight scrape it off the paper.

Easy peasy!


#BHO-I find if I never go above 100 deg F. No nucleation points appear. Unless I want them to. Some people “whip”. I find if you raise the temps to 120F under full vac. it will wax.


Looks great! A lot similar to what I do. I also flip every 12 hrs. 72 hrs is about how long I stay in the oven also. At those temps the slab never fully stops reacting. (Well maybe after a week or more, after all the terpenes have degassed as well) By trial and error you know when to pull your shatter. After all the solvent has “vapped” off the terpenes will react under vacuum, at temp. (Being they are volatile themselves, but we want them to stay.) Finding the “sweet spot” to pull a slab of shatter that has not seen temps over 100 deg F. Is a matter of much controversy. If anyone has anything to add, or constructively criticize, I welcome others opinons. Sometimes a teacher…Forever a student…Keep making medicine! Show these pharmaceutical giants we don’t need 95% of the poison they manufacture! We have only scratched the surface of the medicinal value of this herb! Think of the benefits of cannabinoids that science has yet to discover! I think it is an exciting frontier that we should be working as a whole (cannabis community) to further the horizon. Keep experimenting! Safely of course…Peace and Love…Kid Kannabi5


Recently I switched to 86.6°f for 6 days to a week with a flip every 24 hrs. I also purge my slab with the pump every 12 hrs without flipping the slab. This has given me very clean results twice so far.


Any updates? Still using the same methods?



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I’ve been on a dab break. But when I get back to making dabs I’ll be using those temps and times again.

Honestly flips every 6 hours for 72 hours at 99.9°f is usually how I speed purge unless it looks like it could still go then I bump the temp down 10°[f],go another day or two at 8 hour intervals for the flips.


Thanks! Are you flipping on ptfe paper?


No problem :octopus::slightly_smiling_face:

No I use unbleached parchment

This stuff to be exact


I heard something about the Reynolds regular parchment that eho can rip off the logo which has traces of ink. … Something like that. That’s not why I switched,I made the switch when I wanted a cheap RAW Parchment Equivalent,although I think RAW makes hemp based parchment… . .

I never used the RAW Parchment I just know it used to be expensive…

Ewwwww raw parchment is coated with silicone. . … Fuck that stuff good thing I never used it

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