UV Reactivity of Decarboxylated THC/Cannabinoids

Has anyone else noticed that those little globs of wax floating their rig glow yellow under UV light? The same is true of distillate (which we know is decarb’d).

Pre-dab, the wax (bho) does not seem to react under UV light

This seems to imply that the decarboxylation process and UV-reactivity are linked… is there any research out there on this fun fact?



Ultraviolet Fluorescence of Cannabis - Observations

Or even


Yes same in distillate with fraction finder

You should just Google phenol and UV reactivity. This is a basic idea in organic chemistry identification when using TLC plates. I believe the nanometer absorption is 250 to 270.

Also do a little physics research on EM spectrum if you’re unfamiliar with nanometer readings.

Great observation but this idea is not new and extensively researched for other molecules that contain phenol rings.


Thanks for the info! My college-degree is in political-science, so organic chemistry and physics are outside of my educational-wheelhouse. I appreciate the pointers for deeper reading.

As awesome as it would have been, I was never under the delusion that I had discovered something previously unknown. haha


Good luck on your adventure into the molecular world of EM reactivity. May it be a fruitful one. If you have questions or require further direction feel free to reach out. Glad to help in any way possible.