UV Bleaching chlorophyll

I’ve seen plenty of threads that mention uv bleaching chlorophyll. Figured I’d show some physical results. This is from 2 hrs in the sun.


Did you happen to test the solution pre and post exposure to sunlight? I’m curious as to what else it may be doing, if anything. Also outside ambient temp? Line of latitude? Time of day in sun?


Mid 70’s in August
Seattle Washington
Mid day

I didn’t test it, I’d love to have more info, but I just don’t.


Thank you. No worries on not having more info. That’s a lot you gave. Looks great. Makes me curious. Appreciate the share.


This is awesome, I will be trying soon, I had some really old kief that i put into a test tube with isopropyl alcohol that turned green and I forgot about it, 4 months or so later that solution turned red, so I am curious to see what sunlight does anything to the red color. I was curious if it was the chlorophyll that turned red from oxidation and what else changed.

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I was taken back by how much the bleaching did for the solution. I wonder if it’ll bleach the red… science is rad

About 6 years ago I heard that people would make bho by whipping in a Pyrex pan, covering with saran wrap and putting it on their roof to purge lmao

Maybe they were onto something


Dont forget, the sunlight also degraded thc, minimally.

Graywolf taught me that trick 4yrs back.


Hence my request for any testing info.


I’ll give this a test in the lab sometime and update this thread with hard data.

What analytics lab do you use in the Seattle area?

I’m just starting, I’m not sure yet

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the ones that taught us 8+ years ago used to purge in direct sunlight with hot water.


red comes next. UV will change it from green --> gold -->red
has to do with energy levels of colors

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I wonder if you could tune the flow through one of these to get the same result

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