UV Bleaching chlorophyll

I imagine so. It was thrown into edibles eventually.

UVB can be used to break THC. UVC carries even more energy so the degradation will be a serious issue.

But UV bleaching works. Extract will loose greens and reds and browns will become the major colours.

Taste wise it stays bitter but most def it’s less bitter than before. The main thing is that the smell and taste of hay is gone.

But be carefull with UVC. One can get used sterilisation lamp for cheap but this stuff should be used separated from people and activated on timer or remote. Don’t expose your body to this stuff at all.


Nice man. That looks great.
That’s ethanol, yeah??

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190 proof Everclear

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Very nice, thanks for sharin :cowboy_hat_face::+1:

Would UV exposure take the green tint out of crumble?

We did testing on the inital and 1 day and post 4 days of exposure to sunlight during summer when UV indexes are high…

On day one we detrcted small degradation but day 4…

Lets just say the chromatogram was a rainbow of degraded products…

So far that we could identify just hints of thc and the other things were unknown and unidentifiable…

From my end if it turs red you went overkill, wount do it any more. Rather a 0.5% dash of carbon although most might not agree :slight_smile:

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Looks like there’s some goat hair in there.


waxy diarrhea

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Does look like someone ate a candle

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at least they chewed it well


If you hire me on I’ll make sure no extract coming out of your outfit looks this way ever again :grin:

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Any way you can get a crc setup ?
Basicly a filterplate and some bentonite clay of either
Carbon chemistry T5
Or by oil dry B80
Clays from @Waxplug1 will probably also get the job done

Other option dissolve your wax in pentane
1 wax :5 pentane minimum
Pass treu a Büchner funnel with a prewetted
(Pentane) bentonite cake
Go easy on the vacuum level for your pentane will boil out fast
To avoid this you can freeze your pentane solution and place your suction flask in a ice bath

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This is something I made when I first got my machine. It’s been in the back of the cage for almost a year. I pulled it out today thinking of playing with the Buchner funnel after reading some posts here, but I wondered. What happens if I set it out in the sun just like it is? Answer: It all melted together into a waxy green mess. I got busy and forgot it was out there.

I’ve got all the goodies now and we make fairly good stuff. Media Bros made my life so much easier. Learning and reading here has made it all start to click.

Hexane and pentane have me curious. I don’t have a rotovap. I do have a short path starter set, but it’s more tinker toy than production rig. I’ll start searching for posts on using these two solvents. Thanks for piquing my curiosity. That’s why I like posting here. Ideas and rabbit holes are everywhere.

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Is that a bypass valve on your crc?

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Seems like you have a filterplate setup in the rig
Not sure if it’s your molsieve chamber
But you could always dissolve the wax in butane and pass it inline treu the bentonite
Are you aware of CRC tech. It s a interesting tech of passing dissolved cannabinoid extracts treu powders such as bentonite

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Yes, it has a pair of 1/2” valves and bypass line. I don’t have it configured that way. I have it set up to pull vacuum at the bottom and to push with nitrogen from the top. I’ve never had an issue with plugging with Media Bro’s. Am I missing something?

This is the CRC.

This is my mol sieve

Amber glass

He was asking about that monster manifold you have at the top. The car part you installed.