Using wax to make thc syrup

Having an issue trying to get the wax to fully dissolve when making thc syrup. I’m using decarbed bho and not sure how much sugar and water i should use per gram to get the right results. If anyone has some points that would help, I’d appreciate it.

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Well for starters you shouldn’t be using sugar and water to dissolve a fat soluble wax. Did someone tell you to do this?


Yea bro here’s a pro tip. Buy premium indoor trim. Soak in a 5 gallon bucket of vegetable glycerin for a month. Use a panda to spin dry the trim. Filter the glycerin.

Separately make a food grade 190 or 200 proof ethanol tincture with decarbed bho.

Mix into your vegetable glycerin.

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Ideally you want to just use a surfactant+glycerine/orasweet but if the first attempt was water/sugar I’m not sure I want suggest diving into emulsification.


Are you serious :grin:


You will not be able to saturate the ethanol with bho but it will mix a little better

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No one told me to do, it I’m just trying it out because some friends of mine are interested in really potent thc syrup, however i dont have the means to wait a month for indoor trim to just soak it in. I’m sure the won’t be soluble in the water, but is there something I’d be able to add to get it to mix well into a syrup?

Search results for 'thc syrup' - Future4200 will turn up previous discussions on the subject…

Edit: simple solution is get over the “sweet”, and just cut with enough ethanol or MCT so they can dose effectively. If they want truly mind blowing, cut 1:1 with either. After full decarb.

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Supposedly the magic butter machine can make vegeglycerin tincs in a day

DAF claims to only use simple syrup and nanoemulsions in their adabinol syrups. I’ve tried a few various methods: ethanol, ethanol+mct, ethanol+mct+gum acacia, mct+gum acacia, eth+gum, sub lecithin for gum and so on.

I’m equipment limited and haven’t had much luck with any of these attempts, the ethanol/mct/gum worked the best but still separated out after a day or two

Noticing that more vg is doing good for the dissolving aspect. Still not perfect though

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I’d rather use a crock pot and a panda than the magic butter machine


Figured it out, honey is the best way to dissolve concentrates. I even used up using 3:2, wax:honey and its still good enough to dissolve it down. Drinking some cold coffee mixed with the honey to test the quality of it mixing in with cold things and can say no residue of wax in my mouth, but can definitely taste the wax itself, obviously because its so damn concentrated. Still, the honey is the best way to dissolve down then use that as a base for your syrups and leans. Thanks everyone for your help and pointers, hopefully this helps all of you.


Don’t count your eggs before they hatch.

That will separate. Wait a week before you waste a bunch of wax trying to make a bunch of this. If it were that simple we wouldn’t have pages and pages discussing this topic.

You need an emulsifier, some type of bitter blocker for the emulsifier, a carrier (VG sucks in my opinion, there’s better glycerines out there) and a hell of a lot of fine tuning based on how concentrated you plan to make it. If you’re trying to make a high dose o/w syrup with an unrefined wax and no ultrasonic mixer you’re going to have a lot trial and error ahead of you. You won’t know if you succeeded or not for several days after you make it. Emulsifiers aren’t exactly easy on your digestive tract if you don’t know how to use them either. Lower doses are a lot easier to stabilize with less chemicals needed.

I will echo what others have said and know what you’re capable of handling safely, which is why I’m not just listing off chemicals to use. Just use MCT and get an MCT-based grape flavoring if you want to be Lil Pump. The oil soluble grape flavorings are still very sweet. It won’t separate, it’ll be sweet enough, and you won’t make anyone quite literally purge their entire digestive tract if you measure incorrectly. Many emulsifiers are also laxatives in higher doses so you’re better off just using an oil like MCT.


Most of the syrups you find on the street claim to be like 2000 mg. Why is it that my 200 mg edibles could destroy even the fat kids who claim they have an “extreme” tolerance to edibles. Do we really need a 2000 mg syrup? I think just a simple vegetable glycerin extraction of fire material will be more potent than the average competitor.


I know of one guy who said that when some of these “brands” say 2000mg they mean “the amount you’d get from 2 grams of flower” so really it’s about 400mg. Basically the dry weight equivalent.

If you’re buying something called THC sizzurp then yeah I’m not surprised the potency numbers are dishonest.


Haha it’s a lifestyle brand bro


except they really mean 2000mg low grade trim… :shushing_face:


@anon56994712, have you tried the method mentioned up thread by @Apothecary36? Don’t remember seeing that in in the other threads, and you seem to be the resident expert on methodology to perform this trick (or at least one of them).

The honey works perfectly.