Using nitrogen from new recovery tank for push?


Go slow …u want that psi to barely move, it’s so cold ur not getting bad stuff… Plus u’ll get all the good…I one say this bc super cold solvent push


I only have a gauge port and a recovery port on my lid. Does this mean i need a new lid?


No u need a t fitting, then gauge and prv on same hole

I’d even put one on top column if you use a isolation valve


thank you guys so much for helping me on this. So just to be sure, the one from OSS would be able to vent it off to another area as well as relieving pressure?


Yeah the adjustables… That’s the ones I have on base and tank, you can hook line to it of sorts…I have the cheaper ones up top on columns plates


So how exactly does this all work? You blast 4-5 psi into the column after extraction to push the rest of the extracted material into the pot? What exactly is the main point of the nitrogen push? Is it safe?


I use it in my tank…when tank fuel goes into a cooler Dry ice alcohol slurry the psi goes to zero…it won’t move…add 50psi to tank… inject,if u need more to push final amount through,add more to tank again that’s already hooked up


If you added 50psi of nitro and nothing moved you have a problem Huston. Check that coil if you have a way to safely disconnect it. I bet you have moisture in your solvent and its frozen inside the coil. If your lid only has 1 port you will need a T or a 4 way on it so you can have a pressure gauge, prv and a valve. Be careful with the nitro. It likes to expand rapidly and those steel takes are loaded with 2.5k psi usually. There isn’t a system made to handle that kind of pressure.


My prv is on my collection pot but i have gauges so i can watch mu pressures.



So I would put a gauge on that and screw it into a tee and have another gauge on the tee?|parentrq%3A6f96192f1690ab4573de7e4cffeda7d6|iid%3A1 How would I set up the tee?

So the way I want to use nitrogen is to push out the rest of what didn’t get extracted after I recover. Is this a safe option?


But yeah you screw the male of PRv into the t fitting female then t fitting male into pot, extra female opening for gauge

SS 1/4" male double female… That one looks funny to me like cast, might work idk

Go up to @BG305 post above us
…top pic…the male pointed down, females on each end

I can’t find on eBay, I get from my supplier of all… Killa


Can you give me a list of parts to ask killa?


U don’t need but the t fitting though right?

Idk if he has prvs…that’s the best one to get to vent somewhere else if it does

Tank regulator lines…

Ur tank needs the same get up as pot


Oss nitrogen push walk through




That fog is what i look for in the sight glass under my material column to know that i pushed all the solvent out of my material. Thats when i close the Nitro and purge it.

Nitrogen push questions

I don’t know your rig or style but you should use the nitro to push everything into your collection, and then recover.

It is safe if used with a regulator and close attention to your system.

I have no PRV’s on my system but never have the pressure within expand beyond what the regulator is set to (40-50 psi). I run below -50 and do not begin recovering or introducing heat until I have bled off the nitrogen from tops of any columns + collection. I pump nitro in continuously until it comes out in collection - and then close collection, bleed collection, and open again to push the last bit out. Since I stay cold enough I just release pressure to 2-3 psi and like @BG305 said look for the fog in the collection - close it up once I feel like I got everything and then recover.

I’d say if you run warm and tend to turn your back to your pressure gauges run PRVs on any column that is isolated. If you run cold you could say fuck the PRV’s if you pay close attention to your process but still make sure you have a valve to atmosphere or a line outside of your shop to vent off any pressure built up in any isolated column if it does get too high.


I was told and show a video from Soxs where a nitrogen tank dumped the last 100 or so lbs when it’s the last bit…doesnt always happen and may not ever, but can… Was more safety setting so if something catastrophic like this does happen you don’t lose your rig potentially


Okay few questions. Can I do a nitrogen push with a non stainless regular recovery tank? How much would it fabricate a 3" lid with the top injection port like they have with the bleed port and injection port?


I have a question. If I’m doing a nitrogen push from the top of the column how do I know when I’ve pushed all the solvent through and it’s nitrogen do I see a cloud of fog? Also when I do the push do I turn off my pump wait for the fog then bleed out of my recovery base? If so how much do I bleed off? Right till the pressure goes to zero?