Using nitrogen from new recovery tank for push?


Can I use the nitrogen from a new 100# recovery tank for a solvent push at the end of the run. Don’t have a nitrogen tank yet. I have a smaller recovery tank I can transfer into of this is doable.


It’s only gonna take half the load and equal out…

But yes in theory it will work just like hot vapor bump from an extra tank…

How u gonna get nitrogen vapors in there if you have no nitrogen tank though my man?


I was thinking the vapor Port of the recovery tank


I was thinking the same thing. :thinking:


You mean the nitro that the tank comes pressurized with from factory?


What tanks come with nitrogen?


The yellow mastercool ones had a bit in there, dunno how much that would be though…


Yeah, they come with a bit just yo keep the inside oxygen free but its definitely not 100psi.


What do people mean by hot vapor bump?


Extra tank w warm vapors, hook into vapor side your tank that’s cooled to 0psi… The warm will bump psi

I believe some ppl even have way to send recover vapors back to column to push remaining solvent out… Gives you a push

Btw I’ll never do again, I have nitrogen… The better choice


How to you set up a nitrogen push? Do you need a regulater? Do places fill up mastercool recovery tanks with nitrogen?


U buy tank from.airgas or used…u need reg. And prv anywhere u isolate,tanks , columns, collection…

I’m probably not the best one to answer this…

I’ll be using mine for the first time tonight after my clear tek run


You will need a steel tank or a dewar for nitro. The better choice is the steel tank as it holds the pressure and doesn’t

bleed off.


Been looking into getting gear for nitro, what size tank is that and about how long does it last you?


Uniweld regulator?


Couldnt you get helium tanks filled with nitrogen?


I may have used to much nitrogen and blew out my screen

lost a 1/2 lb


Nitro is a double edge sword. Nitro expands rapidly when its out of the steel cylinder or the dewar. This is just a very quick bump of nitro to push your solvent. It does not need to be opened and left open. To be safe you need prv and pressure gauges to watch your pressures closely. To be honest i haven’t used that tank in a long time. For me its not necessary as I’m running passive and don’t have a problem moving my solvent. When i go into recovery i also recover out of my top port to make sure i recover all of my solvent from my material and filter stack.


I run passive to and i have issues moving my solvent


Whats the issue?